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Neapolitan Ice Cream!

For some reason I associate Neapolitan ice cream with birthday celebrations. So, when I received Mailorder #1 from Amy at Kingpod & saw that the Birthday Calendar was on pale pink paper I immediately thought of accenting it with brown. (And since it was pink I thought it would be a fun Project Spectrum activity.) This weekend I finally had a chance to put this calendar together.

CELEBRATE - A Birthday Calendar

The only craftiness I had to buy to complete this project was pink brads – everything else was in my (non knit) stash & seemed like perfect compliments to the calendar. This was a fun hour of crafting & I’m pleased with how it turned out – it will be fun to remember loved ones birthdays through this calendar.

Speaking of neapolitan ice cream – check out Amanda Cathleen’s Neapolitan Dynamite socks and also a little history about about neapolitan ice cream.

Saturday morning I hosted my quarterly Crop Club with some scrapbooking friends. We spent several hours working on our current projects. I didn’t create any new pages – rather, I spent the time jouraling & embellishing the pages that I made 2 weekends ago.

I started on some scrapbook pages focusing on Pink & Red for Project Spectrum. Instead of rushing to finishing them this month I have decided that this will be an ongoing project & I will get started on all color pages & add to them each month – I will reveal these at the end of Project Spectrum. The basis for these pages will be “What does {Insert Color} mean to me?” For example, I always associate red with my red hair.

This weekend I finally did a Red & Pink Photo Scavenger Hunt around my house. Here is a collage of the things I found.

Pink & Red Around the House


  1. I love your photo collage! I’m already looking around my world for yellow and orange…

  2. there just something about Neapolitan ice cream! mmM! I love your calendar and your photo collage : D

  3. I really like your birthday calendar! I love the pink and brown combo- one of my faves. 😉 Take care, Amy! 🙂

  4. The calendar is very very nice – impressive! I love the photo collage as well – I am interested to know how you did that. Congrats; very pink and red!

  5. The pink tulips are gorgeous! They make me even more impatient for Spring to take hold. Neapoliphobia – The fear of going to the freezer and finding that someone has eaten all the chocolate out of the Neapolitan ice cream.

  6. Cool birthday calendar! I like the little cupcakes on it!

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