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Preptime: January Whole30

As the calendar rolled to 2018, it was time for me to do a January reset by starting another Whole30. This is my 5th time doing a Whole30…with each round, prepping and eating within the guidelines seems to get easier and easier.  As I’m at the halfway point of this round, I thought I’d share some of the my weekly food prep that is helping me find success in this January reset.

It’s said that food prep is the key to success with a Whole30 and that is definitely true. Even when I’m not in a Whole30, I find the weeks where I spend some time with Sunday food prep and have some sort of meal plan for the week ahead just go better. So what are some of the things that I do to stock my fridge with ready to use components?

  • Compliant sausage & hot dogs – Sliced & cooked; Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausages & Applegate hot dogs are easy meats to always have on hand. I used to just cook them whole; but I now I like having the sizzle on more of the meat. And, having them already sliced makes them even easier to use as the week progresses.
  • Hard boiled eggs – I go with the oven method – in a muffin tin for 25-30 minutes @ 325. Peeled and in a mason jar ready to go. (Full disclosure, in a pinch I’ve bought these “ready made”)
  • Roasted veggies – sometimes as part of a sheetpan supper, sometimes just veggies. I only minimally season them before roasting so they can easily be used in all sorts of dishes.
  • Homemade Mayo – light olive oil, an egg, a splash of vinegar, a bit of dry mustard, a pinch of salt – all in a mason jar & quick whirl of the immersion blender makes for a silky saucer – either plain or incorporated in other sauces & dressings. There are lots of recipes out there for this.
  • Marinated Beets – a packaged of the pre-cooked/peeled beets combined with a vinaigrette makes for nice addition to salads and more
  • Slow Roasted Tomatoes
  • Fruit & veggies washed and ready for use

With these components in the fridge, I make sure to keep a large container of spinach/power greens and also some eggs. To make a salad to take into work, all I have to do is fill a container with greens and then add several prepped goodies. Quick suppers (or weekend breakfasts) easily come together by adding some meat and veggie to the skillet and then topping with eggs (either a scramble or fried).

No matter your eating program, do you do any weekly food prep activity? 

Weekly food prep is just one part of food “readiness” for Whole 30 success, this week I’ll be sharing more of my Whole30 “tricks” (go-to recipes, convenience foods, etc) that help me see a Whole30 not as daunting but as doable..

(No affiliate links – just personal recommendations)

Three Things…in a Skillet

Since this Thursday is day 11 of my January Whole30 reset, today’s three things are tied to that. One of my keys to success with Whole30 is to spend some time each week prepping an assortment of meal components that can easily be added together through the week for quick and tasty meals.

This month, my skillet is getting quite a workout – both during food prep and also with many simple skillet suppers. Here, 3 quick meals that have hit the spot.

Skillet Sizzled Salad – In my largest skillet, a bit of avocado oil to get started. Then the chicken sausage went into a section of the skillet. After a few minutes sliced pears were added to another section. Then a large handful of spinach and baby kale added to the remaining section of the skillet. Once greens are wilted, transfer all to the bowl. Topped with a few pecans, blueberries & Tessemae’s Caesar dressing.

Lazy Saturday Skillet– aka, clearing out some bits before another round of food prep. The last of the baby kale from one container + some roasted veggies (carrots, Brussels, butternut) + chocolate chili.

Chili Greens Skillet – Pan fried some frozen okra (avocado oil, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper) + chocolate chili + spinach. Just a touch of Tessemae’s Caesar dressing to finish the bowl.

Do you have any “quick skillet recipes” that are in your rotation?

I have some posts planned to share some of the food prep activity that is helping me with this Whole30.

Linking up with Carole & Kat for Three on Thursday.


Slow Roasted Tomatoes

In canning season, tomato jam is always one of my favorite things to make (& share). Since I’m currently doing a January Whole30 reset, the tangy sweet goodness of tomato jam is a no-go for the time being. Last week, I picked up a bowl of small tomatoes in a rainbow of colors on an impromptu Costco run. This weekend, I turned them into jammy tomato “chips” to use in my meals for the upcoming week.

Tomato Evolution

  1. Pre-heat oven to 325.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (or foil).
  3. Wash & slice tomatoes in half.
  4. Toss with olive oil & pink Himalayan salt.
  5. Place tomatoes on baking sheet – cut side up.
  6. Roast for about 2 hours. I checked at 55 minutes & kept going. At 01:50, I turned the oven off and kept the tomatoes in the oven for another 15 minutes.
  7. Remove from oven – flip all tomatoes over to cool.
  8. Store in an airtight container and enjoy!

These will be put to tasty uses during the week – obviously, any salads will include them; maybe an omelette or egg scramble; a twist on the classic wedge salad.

This is a great way to incorporate tomatoes in the off season! How would you use these tasty morsels? 


Ah, SEPTEMBER…a month of seasonal switches – shortening days – more crispness to the mornings – locally, the Papal visit has come and gone… in the midst of it all, these are the things that filled my days…

Reading…As the baseball season winds down, I finished my WWII baseball read…a Sunday afternoon was “consumed” with a ChickLit read…in the midst of The Martian and enjoying it…several books (of widely varying topics) in active read now…queueing up for a mid-October QuickLit post on the reads…

Watching…the return of some favorite shows…the jury is still out on some new season finds…choosing to watch most of them via DVR & on my schedule without commercials…football is back – some college games, all the Packers games so far (but I know there will be weeks when their game won’t be shown here)…

Having fun recording the Packers season in stitches...

Having fun recording the Packers season in stitches…

Crafting…knitting is at hand…as the Packers started the season, I started my own Scorecard Cowl to track the season’s points in stitches…after knitting a fall cowl in August & realizing that I didn’t like it for me, a version 2.0 is off the needles & just what I want as the cooler days arrive…in keeping with the cowl theme, I’m also working on another cowl for me with an unexpected skein of yarn that is oh so soft…an abandoned baby knit has been finished and is blocking before going to a new home…gathering patterns and yarns for some gift knits…

Browsing…on being challenged by watching the Pope in America…on the death of the Postcard

Autumnal JOY in a mantel vignette...

Autumnal JOY in a mantel vignette…

Cultivating…joy in my home…#konmari tidying in the kitchen yielded 2 bags of kitchen “things” that are now on to other use, so far…a new lamp in the living room…a blue (yes, blue) decorative pumpkin sparked joy when I came upon it while shopping and so it became the centerpiece for a fall vignette on the mantel…a new blanket, a new lamp, and a lamped moved in from the living room provide a bit of refresh to my bedroom…

Listeningto Mercer football games via the I Heart Radio app…The “Voice of the Bears” is so fun to listen to – obviously more so when the Bears are doing well but he doesn’t pull any punches when their play and behavior is less than it should be…

A few of my Whole30 kitchen adventures...

A few of my Whole30 kitchen adventures…

Cooking…so much! This round of the Whole30 has reawakened the enjoyment of being in the kitchen…as I move from “the 30” through reintroduction and establishing my new normal, I’ve identified some basics that I need to always prep and have on hand to ensure that on days when I’m not sure what’s for lunch or dinner I can easily make something that doesn’t go off the deep end…I’m drafting some posts for October with some of the tips and recipes that worked for me…

Traveling…not this month…I thought I might have some Florida travel but managed to take care of that project remotely. I do see some Florida travel for October.

Looking Ahead…October means Halloween – which means it is time for a trip to see my Texas girlies! With the return of fall flavors, I think it might be time to can some applesauce.

Linking up with Leigh’s monthly “What I’m Into” roundup. What are you into these days?

Simply Soup: The Carrot Edition

Earlier this month, as I was cleaning out my fridge I found a bag of carrots hiding out in the back and decided that they needed to be used up. My first thought was soup – followed quickly by the thought of using coconut milk in it. So, I searched for a recipe and found one that included ingredients in my kitchen: Carrot-Coconut Soup from Bon Appetit.

Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup

I pretty much followed the recipe as written. My main differences were using coconut oil instead of butter and the types of salt & pepper I used. In the soup, I used a lemon sea salt flake and my favorite Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper grinder. As I “plated” the soup & drizzled a bit of the Thai sweet chili sauce in it, I also sprinkled flakes of a homemade chili lime salt on top.

That first bag of carrots included three colors: orange, yellow & purple. As the soup was simmering on the stove, I thought for sure I was going to end up with a purple soup. Thankfully, the whirl of the immersion blender balanced out the colors to something closer to refried beans.

This soup…wow! A tasty and tangy combination of flavors that is so, so good. That hint of the Thai sweet chili sauce is the perfect “extra” in this recipe. I thoroughly enjoyed this and have decided that this will be a “always on hand” recipe. In addition to being a great soup “as is” I also see opportunities to use it in different ways – ladle over brown rice & some cooked shrimp for a heartier meal; throw some veggies in the bowl to bulk it up and more. With business travel back in the schedule, it’s nice to know that I can count on having a simple and tasty homemade meal in short order after eating out ALL the time while on the road.

What soups are simmering in your kitchen these days?

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