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Beat the Heat

An appropriate prompt for this “excessive heat warning” Thursday in the midst of our fifth heat wave of the summer…”tell us what you do to beat the heat!” Most of the tips that I shared last summer are still in rotation around here. This summer, a new addition to the cooling collective has been collagen slushies.

As the summer was starting, I saw a simple recipe for a Grapefruit Slushie that sparked my interest. That weekend, I picked up a grapefruit and made a slushie. And I was hooked. I started trying all sorts of liquid/flavor combos and have even cut out any sweetener in them – which is great as I’m in the midst of a Whole30 reset this month.

The “recipe” framework is simple: a cup of ice, a scoop of collagen & then fruit/liquid/flavorings to fill my smoothie cup. A few seconds whirl on the Ninja & viola, ready to sip. Now that this is a go-to cooler, these are some of my favorite flavor combinations:

  • Mint iced tea + blueberries + cantaloupe
  • Almond/coconut milk + vanilla splash + lemon juice (or NY Style Lemonade) – this reminds me of a Chick-fil-A Frosted Lemonade
  • Cold brew + vanilla splash + cinnamon – this fills my Tervis every morning as I head to work
  • Mint iced tea + watermelon + lemon juice (or NY Style Lemonade) – a nod to the limited time Minted Watermelon Lemonade at Chick-fil-A
  • Mint iced tea + peaches

What are you doing to beat the heat?

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Hello, July

As we move into the second half of 2017, it’s time to say Hello, July

Hello to a Whole 30 to reset my eating after so much time on the road this year…

Hello to farm stand visits…on Saturdays for sure – but also on random weekdays

Hello to meal planning and food prep and enjoying time back in the kitchen…

Hello to getting serious with some of the goals I’ve set for the remainder of the year

Hello to taking the time to blog about the amazing vacation to Acadia and Prince Edward Island…

Hello to enjoying the lack of business travel and just being at home…

Hello to more reading time and less screen time…I have lots of summer reads to get through

What are you saying “hello” to as July rolls along?

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3 Things…to Wear…

This week’s prompt is …”write about your three favorite things to wear.” Immediately, these three items came to mind – and indeed, I was wearing 2 of them at the time. These are accessories – but I also find that I have some favorites in the wardrobe and actually tend to be moving towards more of a capsule/uniform approach. 

  • Tieks! Last spring I finally took the plunge & bought my first pair of Tieks flats (pacific green). They felt great and immediately were put to use – in less than a month, I had picked up a second pair (poppy). Last summer these were in near constant rotation and by late summer a third pair (taupe) was in hand. This spring, a fourth pair (pewter) has joined the lineup and I’m pretty sure I know what the fifth pair is going to be in the near future. Sometime I’m do a full post on these shoes. As someone who has struggled with finding comfortable shoes for these large feet, I’m amazed that these simple flats provide so much comfort and ease of wear for me.
  • Tie a Scarf! For years I have been a scarf collector…and wearer. In recent years, scarves have become a travel souvenir. I have a stash of scarfs from European adventures. A stash of shawls/pashminas from the Jesus Film Project briefings that I’ve been privileged to attend. And of course, by way of knitting I’ve added several neck wraps (beyond cold weather outerwear varieties). No matter the time of year, a scarf is a frequent final piece to an outfit. And even when I’m not wearing a scarf, one is always close at hand – in my work backpack or in my purse so that I can use it as needed…for fashion, for warmth, for comfort. 
  • Timepiece! For my last milestone birthday, my family gave me this Luminox watch. Rebecca was quick to point out this is the watch the Navy Seals wear. I hadn’t thought it would become my daily watch…but it has. It is quite a conversation starter – whether at work and paired with a blazer or on the go. Bonus – the glow means it is perfect by the hotel bed to see the time in the middle of the night (or also in a dark movie theater).

What are your favorite items to wear?

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As we near the midpoint of 2017, the Thursday prompt was to…consider what it means to be at the halfway point of the year. Did you state some intentions for 2017? If so, check in on them and give us an update. If you didn’t state any intentions then maybe you could tell us what you think so far about 2017 or perhaps you’d like to set some intentions for the second half of the year.

Honestly, I initially thought I wouldn’t have a post for this prompt. As 2017 started I had some initial thoughts of goals for the year and then suddenly I seemed to be on the road all the time and goals really went to the back seat. Then…last week a picture on Instagram led me to a special on the 6 months Powersheets planner and that seemed like the nudge that I needed. Before I knew it, the planner was in hand and now as July comes into view, I’m taking the time to be intentional in focusing on a few areas for the rest of the year: there are some professional goals I want to achieve; some health goals; some home goals. Since work travel has dialed back, it seems like the perfect time to put some focus and planning into these goals and see what can be accomplished in the remainder of 2017.

What is your midway view on 2017?

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Summer Buckets 2017

As summer gets started, it’s time to make a “bucket list” of goals (big & small) for this coming season. In no particular order…

…Road trip! Airbnb reservations are made for our entire sister road trip at the end of the month. Now to finish picking out some activities to fill the days. 

…Eat fresh & local! It’s about that time for weekly visits to favorite local farmstands. 

…Patio Reading! Unwind with a book & a beverage on the patio to end the day. 

…Complete a Whole30! With all the travel this year, it’s time to do a reset. 

…Konmari! There is lots in the house that is no longer sparking joy, so it must go. The first Greendrop pickup is already scheduled! 

…Create Action Plans! It’s time to get serious about a few goals I have for the year. 

…simply savor a season of reduced work travel! 

What are you hoping to fill your bucket with this summer? 

Linking up with Carole & Kat for Think, Write, Thursday

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