Welcome to my corner of the web. I started this blog in January 2006 as a way to reinvigorate my knitting, chronicle the “handicraft” side of Amy Artisan and share other things that are a part of my world. Artisan (a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft) is a word that seems to encompass who I am.

September 2013 - Plymouth, MA

September 2013 – Plymouth, MA

  • @ Work = Project Manager | Leader | Trainer | Coach | Organizational Change Manager | Mentor | Sometime Road Warrior – After 15 years as a business and systems consultant, I now work “in industry.”
  • @ Life = M’Amy & Miss Amy | Sister | Daughter | Friend | Packers Fan | Mercer Alum | Knitter | Reader | Memory Maker | Photographer | Traveler | Cook | Canner | Gardener
  • I use this blog to share insights into my adventures in crafting, cooking, gardening, photography, reading and more. I also write about my travels and memories made with dear family and friends.

When asked where I’m from, I often pause before answering – many moves while growing up and early in my career have yielded many pieces of home. I’m a Kansas girl at heart with heavy influences of California and Georgia in me and most recently a bit of Wisconsin has been added to the mix. After almost 13 years based in Chicago, I have moved east and now call Pennsylvania home.

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