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In a Word…2018

Several years ago, I was first introduced to the concept of choosing “One Word” for the year instead of a list of resolutions. I’ve chosen words in the past, with minimal follow-through throughout the year. As 2017 was winding down and I was starting to look ahead to 2018 and all that is on the horizon, one word popped up and I brushed it aside as I kept looking. But that first word kept coming back to the front and the more I thought about it the more I realized it was the right one for where I am. My word for 2018 is…

More to come on this throughout the year. Do you have a “one word” for 2018?

One Word 2015

A New Year! As we change the calendars, this is often a time when we make many resolutions…and as the year progresses more often than not we find those resolutions don’t happen…and we repeat the cycle. This year, I’m changing up the new year focus just a bit.


On New Year’s Eve, a friend challenged me to pick One Word for 2015 and sent a writing from a former colleague about the power of the single word. I’ve seen “one word” posts across blogs for years and thought it was a neat concept but had never dived deeper.

Immediately, one word popped into my head and so I began to chew on it. As the day progressed, I started adding other words for consideration…keeping in a similar vein as the first word that popped. When I got home from work on New Year’s Eve, I read One Word that Will Change Your Life for some further insight into the approach for capturing a word for the year ahead.

As I looked at the words on my list, I noticed a similar theme among them – a sense of action and more…and then it became clear. For 2015, my word is CULTIVATE.

Cultivate 2015

Cultivate 2015

So what does this mean? In 2015, I will take the time to create focus in my life, family, friends, career and grow them into something more than they are today. In each of these areas, there are specific things that I want to do – actions to complete…knowledge to gain…and more… Throughout the year, I’m sure that many of these cultivation activities will make an appearance here.

Waiting for a bloom...

Waiting for a bloom…

In January, cultivate also means grow a flower…I so enjoy getting an amaryllis bulb at Christmas and planting it as the new year starts…so as I begin to cultivate my new year, I look forward to seeing how this bulb becomes a brilliant bloom, too.

What about you…do you have a word for 2015? Or goals & resolutions?

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