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Signs of Spring…

Today was a glorious spring day where you think that Winter may actually end in Chicago. So what were the signs?
– Sun + Blue Skies + 69 = A Lovely Day!
– The chance for spring thunderstorms overnight
– Throngs of spring break tourists along Michigan Ave. (Including plenty of little girls toting “American Girl Place” bags as big as they are)
– The neighbor’s crocus sporting purple flowers
– The appearance of sandals & linen capri pants on some fellow commuters (a bit early, in my opinion)
– Doris firmly ensconced on her nest above my back door (must snap pictures)

When I got home this evening I was able to do one of my favorite things about nice weather in my apt: open the stained glass windows above the mantel to get some fresh air flowing through the room.
Stained Glass Window

I guess this picture is a good Project Spectrum transition – the pink petals of the tulip in the window against my terra cotta walls.

My Project Spectrum postcard arrived from Rome this week & is awesome! Once Karla has received mine I will post pictures (she doesn’t have a blog so I took pictures of the one I made as well).

My sister is coming in town this weekend for a couple of days – Saturday will include a road trip with friends that will include crafty acquisitions – what fun!


  1. I love, love, LOVE the window!! Such a beautiful thing to have in your home : )
    How cool is it to have a postcard that came all the way from Rome!?! Lucky you!!
    Have fun with your sister and have a great weekend : )

  2. Beautiful Window Amy! Have a great time with your sister.

  3. How I love that window, just wish I were coming along this weekend!

  4. Ahhh! It is wonderful, isn’t it? We had the doors open at work yesterday and this morning. I almost forgot what fresh air smelled like. You have a Doris? My Spring visitor is Mallory Canard. She sets-up in the bushes in the front of my house. I say hello every morning before I go to work and she gives me a low growl/quack. I like to think she’s saying “Good Morning” in duckish, but I think it’s probably “Shhhh! I’m trying to nest here!!”

  5. It was so great being able to open the windows wasn’t it? It’s amazing how the change in weather here instantly affects my mood! Love your window!

  6. Don’t you just love sisters?! You get to totally geek out with them and do fun crafty stuff that others may consider nerdy. I love all the pictures on your blog, especially the ones of the flowers.
    PS-I have seen Bride and Prejudice…it was a riot!

  7. I love that window… so beautiful.

  8. Your window is so pretty! How could someone not love the coming of spring? Signs are all around us. I love it!

  9. Spring is such a heady time and the breezes of spring feel like none other. The window is beautiful. Pretty cool to receive a postcard from Rome.

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