All around knit-blog-land today it’s a virtual field trip into everyone’s backyard. Since today is a gray & overcast with snow predicted the view in my backyard is not a pretty one today. So, I will show you some pictures from warmer times.

First up – my deck from the first summer I was here. When I was looking for a new apartment & toured this place it was the deck that was the final clincher.
My Deck in Summer
Because it faces east I get the morning sun on it & I can enjoy sitting out there after work without being blinded by the sun. The deck has allowed me the opportunity to exercise my outdoor green thumb – even as an urban dweller. The first plants I placed on the deck were 2 angel trumpet cuttings from my Dad’s garden in Georgia (In May 2004 I flew back to Chicago with the cuttings as my carry on.) Here is a detail of one of the beautiful blooms that I’ve enjoyed from the plants.
Pink Angel Trumpet Detail
I have also enjoyed growing tomatoes & assorted basil varieties on the deck. In the evenings it is nice to be out on the deck either gardening or just relaxing – looking up & down the backyards I’ll see a lot of neighbors working in their gardens as well. In recent years the hibiscus has become one of my favorite flowers. This is a close up of my hibiscus plant from last year.
Pink Hibiscus

This past July 4th weekend I heard fireworks in the neighborhood & when I stepped out on my deck I was able to enjoy an incredible “local” show. Here is one of the many shots I took.
Fireworks 2005

Right now the backyard is pretty much a dried mud pit – the dog that now lives upstairs has had “fun” over the winter. Who knows how the backyard will look this spring with the dog in residence – he has an affinity for perinnials.

For the last 2 springs I have had a backdoor visitor – Doris the Dove has nested above my door & each year has had 2 baby birds. I’ll leave you with a picture of her family the first year.
Doris & her babies
I have seen her above the door in recent weeks but no signs of a nest yet. Each day I hear more & more birds chirping in the morning, the angel trumpets are dormant in my basement…there are more & more signs that spring may return (even as we await snow today)!