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Backyard Greetings!

All around knit-blog-land today it’s a virtual field trip into everyone’s backyard. Since today is a gray & overcast with snow predicted the view in my backyard is not a pretty one today. So, I will show you some pictures from warmer times.

First up – my deck from the first summer I was here. When I was looking for a new apartment & toured this place it was the deck that was the final clincher.
My Deck in Summer
Because it faces east I get the morning sun on it & I can enjoy sitting out there after work without being blinded by the sun. The deck has allowed me the opportunity to exercise my outdoor green thumb – even as an urban dweller. The first plants I placed on the deck were 2 angel trumpet cuttings from my Dad’s garden in Georgia (In May 2004 I flew back to Chicago with the cuttings as my carry on.) Here is a detail of one of the beautiful blooms that I’ve enjoyed from the plants.
Pink Angel Trumpet Detail
I have also enjoyed growing tomatoes & assorted basil varieties on the deck. In the evenings it is nice to be out on the deck either gardening or just relaxing – looking up & down the backyards I’ll see a lot of neighbors working in their gardens as well. In recent years the hibiscus has become one of my favorite flowers. This is a close up of my hibiscus plant from last year.
Pink Hibiscus

This past July 4th weekend I heard fireworks in the neighborhood & when I stepped out on my deck I was able to enjoy an incredible “local” show. Here is one of the many shots I took.
Fireworks 2005

Right now the backyard is pretty much a dried mud pit – the dog that now lives upstairs has had “fun” over the winter. Who knows how the backyard will look this spring with the dog in residence – he has an affinity for perinnials.

For the last 2 springs I have had a backdoor visitor – Doris the Dove has nested above my door & each year has had 2 baby birds. I’ll leave you with a picture of her family the first year.
Doris & her babies
I have seen her above the door in recent weeks but no signs of a nest yet. Each day I hear more & more birds chirping in the morning, the angel trumpets are dormant in my basement…there are more & more signs that spring may return (even as we await snow today)!


  1. Ooh – your decking looks lovely – how heavenly to have somewhere like that to sit outside after work. I hope Doris sets up residence again soon.

  2. I love my perch above the back yard, but a deck would make it perfect! Thanks for the tour!

  3. What a lovely deck! You have it set up so beautifully, too, with all the patio chairs and plants. The hibiscus is our state flower, so it’s so neat to see it thriving on your deck. And yum, tomatoes and basil… I’m already dreaming of the delectable possibilities! 😉 Such a beautiful backyard view! Take care, Amy! 🙂

  4. Love your deck — that is one of the things I want to put on our house – on the east side for the exact reasons you mention. And I hope Doris comes home to roost soon….

  5. Amy, how lovely! You have made a nice deck for yourselves! At first I gasped because I thought you had flowers out now, with a chance of snow? How could it be? Are they pansies? I thought?!! 🙂
    I just love how your flowers look with the bricks of the neighbors home as a background!
    This has been fun, hasn’t it?

  6. Love your deck! When I lived in an apt in Montreal I was lucky enough to have a small deck out back and really enjoyed it.

  7. I can’t wait to start gardening on my deck again! We have two rooftop decks, so I have lots of space to work with. Your deck looks great! I love your trumpet flower – I grew some from cuttings too this past summer. It’s over-wintering in the basement. Hopefully it will come back!

  8. thanks for the sweet comment 🙂 ur blog is so pretty…i love the pictures!!

  9. Amy, so sorry I’m getting your name added to the sidebar list late. Forgive me. It’s been a crazy crazy day! I love your patio pics!

    We’ll be doing this again next month with a different theme if you want to join in again!

  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures Amy – it gives hope for the coming of Spring 🙂

  11. what a fun “urban” back yard you have. Good for you getting out there and trying your hand at gardening! the flowers are awesome- I think maybe I should try some potted flowers this year.
    Great to vist your blog, thanks for stopping by mine!

  12. Thank you for the trip around your back yard, Amy. You shared some lovely shots of your “space”. Speaking of feathered visitors, Mallory the Duck comes by my house every Spring and nests in the bushes in the front of my house. Every year I feel like such an Aunt!

  13. What a great deck, Amy! That would have cinched the deal for me, too!
    And the baby birdies………….wow!

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