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Knitting Comfort…and other things…

This morning I mailed this afghan square to Christine for her Comforting Jef project – the knit blog community has been sending in lots of squares a 2nd blanket will also be made for Vickie’s brother Michael .

Comforing Jef Afghan Square

It’s my “standard” pattern – the dishcloth that Grandma taught me to knit with & I have made into lots of baby blankets. This is the Blue Berry Cotton Tots yarn – I knit it on size 8 needles so it is a denser square than normal but still very soft & cozy. This was a great knit project on the flight home to GA on Thursday & I finished up while watching the new Pride & Prejudice DVD on Friday night with the family.

There were several other crafting encounters with the family while I was home over the weekend. First up, a “Reading Wrap/Lap Blanket” for my Aunt Clara Pearl who will turn 70 at the end of April & is recovering from some health issues. On Friday afternoon my parents & I strolled the yarn aisles of JoAnn ETC & selected the “Waterfalls” Homespun colorway.
Weekend Crafting
What’s that in the picture…oh, an iPod! Have I mentioned that I have an awesome little sister? On Friday afternoon I received this lovely little “prezzie” & a great handmade card from her – she left me speechless. Rebec asked if it would make it into my blog – of course! The first listen on the iPod was Pink Martini (of course) & on Saturday afternoon as I cast on for the wrap I was listening to some knit podcasts that I had thought I would just listen to on my laptop (when I didn’t own an iPod) – Pointy Sticks, Cast On, KnitCast. I plan to knit a case for the iPod – which Rebec has christened “Sally” – I haven’t decided on the colors or yarn but Rebec has stipulated that it include a pink/raspberry stripe for her. Stay tuned for a finished object sometime soon.

In other crafting news from this weekend…
– My Project Spectrum Red & Pink Post Card is on its way to Italy.
– Kudos to my sister for finishing her first scrapbook – her trip to Scotland & England. It has been fun to see her develop her own style & the album was a treat to look through!
– Dad continues to make progress on his Poppy Needlepoint project.
– Many thanks to my Mom for whipping up this shoe bag for me while I was home. I decided I needed something better than a Jewel plastic bag for carrying my dress shoes back & forth from work. I came up with my design needs & Mom whipped it up in no time.
Shoe Bag
The design details: 1/2 yard of cotton (a Tracy Potter print), 1/2 yard of a flannel to line it, a drawstring. Inside are 3 pockets (aka my design needs): a small one at the bottom to hold a dryer sheet for freshness, one pocket to hold a spare pair of knee highs, one pocket to hold some bandaids for bad shoe days. (Since there isn’t a lot of pink & red content in today’s post my favorite red heeled loafers are modeling the bag.)

Spring blooms were in full force while I was home this weekend, unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of Dad’s garden taken before the rain moved in.

That’s all for now…I’m hoping to get some more pink & red crafting in this weekend – if not the colors may run into next month…


  1. Your blue square looks wonderful! Mine didn’t turn out quite as “square” as I’d envisioned, but I hope Christine can use it anyway. That blanket is so pretty in that colorway! And congrats on the iPod!! I love knitting to Cast-On. 😉 That bag your mom made is fantastic! I wish I were that crafty. Take care, Amy! 🙂

  2. Now, here I was thinking that you were going to felt that down to fit the IPOD!!

  3. Very Nice square and the lap afghan is lovely – I like that particular Homespun color, I’ve made some Prayer Shawls out of it in the past. Congrats on your IPod, I’m glad you had such a nice visit with your family.

  4. Your afghan square is just lovely.

    What a cool shoe bag! I especially love the print fabric!

  5. Love your square! ; )
    I knit a *ahem* poncho a year or so ago using waterfall colorway. Very pretty.

  6. Now that is a great present. I got one January 2005 and have found I really like listening to Audiobooks – I have a subscription to In fact I had never read Pride & Prejudice, so I listened to it instead.

  7. The square looks great. I actually used that same pattern (thanks to you) for my square since I was already working on the baby blanket it didn’t require stretching my still recovering from anesthesia brain too much. Mine is a lighter weight yarn and kinda fluffy and soft while still being manly. LOL! The lap blanket looks great! I’m considering doing one for my papaw’s birthday in November. Congrats on the ipod. I bought one last year and then sold it because I didn’t use it, now I kinda wish I had one again. Grr…indecisions….
    Can’t wait to see your dad’s FO! 🙂

  8. That blanket is beautiful! Homespun is a pain to knit with, but the results are so soft and pretty. If a little sheddy. Your Aunt will love it! I hope she feels better soon.

    And your shoes – I love those!

  9. I made some baby blankets out of that same colorway of Homespun – it is such a great color. That is the thing that always gets me to buy Homespun! 😉

    Very nice square – that is a great way to contribute, Amy!

    Hope you are well~

  10. I love the waterfall blanket!
    You will need a cover for your ipod, they get scratched just looking at them. What a nice gift.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

  11. That’s a pretty colorway for your aunt’s blanket. I’m sure she’ll love it. I’m so excited that you listen to Pink Martini! They are from my city and I know they’re well known here but didn’t know how popular they are outside of Portland! Lucky you with your brand new ipod. I’m jealous. 🙂

  12. That fabric is fantastic! Thanks so much for the tip about that capelet on my collage. I totally need to make it 🙂 Happy crafting.

  13. Amy, nice square and nice afghan (the colours on both are great)! You have one crafty family. I love the shoebag; very classy looking. Isn’t it funny to be making blue squares in the red/pink month?!!LOL

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