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Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Over the weekend we had a glimpse of winter with a quick snowfall. Yesterday afternoon through today we were treated to a real taste of snow. In a few hours the world was transformed from the “ick” of the gray end of fall dormancy into a winter wonderland.

While driving home from the north suburbs last night in the storm wasn’t that fun at least people for the most part had remembered how to drive in snow (slow down). By the time I went to bed the neighborhood was covered in several inches of white frosting with more on the way.

Winter Wonderland

At one point this morning I looked out the back door and saw a neighborhood gathering of pigeons on the line. Several times throughout the day today they were back on the line keeping watch over everything.

Winter Wonderland

The sidewalks are being cleared by neighbors – the scrape of shovel on pavement is a soundtrack of the day. When I went out to the alley this afternoon to “dig out” my garage I was pleased to see that this is a very fluffy snow & while it looked like a lot to shovel it was a rather lightweight task. While outside it is fun to see the snow art that is created by the combination of snow, wind, nature and other objects. A few of my favorites from this snowfall:

 Winter Wonderland

The neighbor’s patio table looks like a snow cake…

 Winter Wonderland

Lounging in the deck chairs seems like a distant memory…

 Winter Wonderland

Reserving your dug out parking space with a chair…

Winter Wonderfland

The garden gnome is almost lost in the snow…

 Winter Wonderland

A neighbor’s christmas ball decorations have become snowballs…

 Winter Wonderland

The trees have captured the snow in their crooks…

 Winter Wonderland

Snow balancing precariously on the fence…

(all pictures here)

Even though I haven’t decorated the house for Christmas yet, nature’s frosting in the neighborhood only adds to the holiday spirit!


  1. Oh, the “reserved” parking space! People used to move my stuff and park there anyway. It’s pretty while it’s falling but I don’t miss digging out the the car.

  2. Digging out the car? I think I’m glad we don’t have snow, but it sure does make pretty pictures!

  3. Love the deck chair! And, you gotta love that reserved parking. OH, I wish we could get snow.

  4. Great snow pictures! (Great hat in the last post, too. The beret, she is everywhere these days, and looking fab.)

  5. Great photos – if I don’t talk to you have a wonderful holiday!

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