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S is for…

No…this isn’t an early entry in the ABC-along; rather, when thinking of what to include in this post several “S” words bubbled to the top. So, here they are.

Summer Splash

– aka Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth #1

Ballband Dishcloth #1

I’ve “finally” finished my first cloth from this fun book! I have to admit, I had a couple of false starts with the pattern (code for user error) but this was a fun knit to do. In fact, over the weekend I picked up 2 more color combos at Michael’s so I would have something to work on in the hotel this week. (Poor late night packing last Sunday meant I didn’t have room for much yarn in the suitcase.) Sugar’n Cream Yarn: Summer Splash & Hot Blue


Before I knew that work would have me traveling this summer I signed up for several swaps. The great thing about being a part of a crafty/artistic family is that I was able to finish up my swap packages this weekend without being near all of my supplies. Monday afternoon I assembled the packages that needed to be sent to complete my participation in some assorted blog fun. I left Mom with a stack of packages to be mailed (thanks Mom!):

…My Knitting Vacation Swap package is en route to California. Once this package has arrived at it’s intended location I will post a picture of the knitting project that was included.

…The Knitters Tea Swap package I pulled together is en route to the Northeast.

Gift Tag Swap

…Tags for the Gift Tag Swap. Dacia is hosting a gift tag swap where you make 10 gift tags & receive an assortment of 10 gift tags from the other participants. On Sunday evening I whipped up a batch of gift tags using paper from Mom, my sister’s scrapbooking tools and some stickers I picked up at the local scrapbook store. I only wish I had made more for me to use.

Papa's Quilt

…My green square for Papa’s Quilt is on it’s way. Another softie using the Bernat Cotton Tots in mint green and the “grandma’s favorite” pattern.

In addition to sending out swap packages I also received my first swap package over the weekend. Because the Vacation Knitting Swap was not a secret Judy asked where I wanted my package sent when she saw my travel schedule & sent my swap to my parents’ house. What a fun package to open!

Vacation Swap Package

The first thing I saw was a lovely Booga Bag in great summer colors. I have seen this project on many blogs & thought it would be a fun one to have. It will definitely be used!; Next was a great water bottle: feeling unraveled…knit!; The cutest little knitting basket magnet; A fun notepad with sheep; A pattern for a broken rib scarf – I have yarn in mind for this project; 2 balls of Katia Papiro yarn – a cotton & linen blend that is perfect for summer.


As I mentioned in my last post, my big secret knitting project in the last month was the shawl I made for Mom’s birthday. The sun-filled breakfast room at home was a great place to capture the colors of the shawl.

Monet Shawl 

Details: Morehouse Farm Merino – Monet Variegated Merino Lace in the colorway Houses of Parliament; Pattern: Morehouse Capri Shawl; Customization: The open triangle in the center has 17 rows – Mom’s birthday is May 17th. This was another delightful knit from Morehouse – I really enjoy working with this yarn. This colorway was so neat to see unfold, there are so many different colors in it.


Other signs of summer over the Memorial Day weekend…A bit of shopping that included sandals & also a great summer fragrance that reminds me of the perfume I bought on Capri last summer…Lazy afternoon naps – every afternoon my cat, Maggie, had the right idea. This is her spot on the wicker love seat in the breakfast room. The look on her face says that life doesn’t get much better than this.

Sunny Maggie

Iced coffee – I taught my sister how to make the yummy iced Nescafe (Cafe Fria, Frappe, Freddo…) that we enjoyed frequently in Italy & Greece last summer. These are well enjoyed on hot summer days & sipping them in the states reminds us the trip…Watching the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS. One of these days we will be in the audience on the mall in Washington!


  1. Goodness Amy, you have been busy! The shawl is gorgeous, the square and the dishcloth too! Thanks for sharing all of them and the cute picture of Maggie! have a great day!

  2. Looks like you have been super busy. Don’t you just love the ballband dishcloth?

  3. Love the new bag you received and the dishcloth is so cute! See you sometime this weekend?!

  4. Your shawl is gorgeous! Love the design and the colors. I’m anxious to make the M-D cloth, too. I have made the dishcloth with bobbles–it was a pain, but came out pretty. Hope your travels aren’t too stressful!

  5. I can’t believe I haven’t made one of those dishcloths yet. Yours is cute! I love the color combo.

    The shawl is lovely too! Nicely done! Have fun in your travels!

  6. What a wonderful post, Amy! Beautiful pictures and just so nice to read all your “S” insights! And I love the picture of Maggie soaking in that ray of sun. My “boys” usually have the look of “zzzzz I may be domestic now, but when I put on 500 more pounds I’ll be chasing wildebeest. zzzzz”

  7. you have been busy, busy, BUSY!! I love your tags, so cute! your moms shawl is gorgeous, and the swap package that you received looks grrrrreat! Have to say that your dishcloth is super sweet! I think I picked up the same colors *L*
    Hope your travels are safe and delightful this summer : )

  8. What a wonderful job you did of photographing the swap package. I am so glad you like everything. I really liked how the Booga bag turned out and will be making more.

  9. Man, you had a busy weekend! What a swap pal you are!

  10. What a wonderful picture of Maggie!

  11. Where to start? There is just so much beauty packed into this one post! 🙂

    I love all of your swap items – that gift tag swap is a really fun idea. Yours look beautiful. And the MM shawl is amazing! What an amazing colorway! I love their stuff!

    Glad to see you back and blogging again! 🙂

  12. So much fun to have you home and then to see the pics on the blog. Maggie is in withdrawal without her Amy! Can’t wait to wear my gorgeous shawl!

  13. holy cow you have been a busy bunny! I on the other hand have relaxed, went camping (not relaxing), and enjoyed numerous cups of coffee in my air conditioned home. Craftiness eludes me at the moment and sigh I think I will vicariously through you as I slurp the rest of my lemonade down….wow I feel so productive living vicariously through you…quite enjoyable…looking forward to more creative posting!

  14. I received my swapped tags in the mail today, and came to say thank you! I love the tag you made (pictured front and centre here). I especially love the flower shaped hole for the ribbon. Lovely touch.

    Thank you!!

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