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Sock it to me…sorta…

This week I had my 2nd (of 2) Socks on 2 Circulars class at Arcadia. I haven’t finished the sock & actually won’t finish it to actual size. Why? Because this skein of Sassy Stripes is defective. Saturday morning while waiting at the car dealership I was knitting round & round. Then I came to this:

Sock Progress

That’s right…one strip of the yarn didn’t get dyed. I decided that would be a good point to start the heel flap so that I would get to the heel turn in class. When I went into the shop on Sunday they gave me a replacement skein. I am going to finish this sock for practice & then it will be sent back to the yarn distributor. So far I’m enjoying this technique for socks & look forward to casting on with some of the lovely handpainted yarns I’ve picked up this year.

I haven’t done a Project Spectrum Green scavenger hunt around the house yet – there will be plenty of items to capture for this – green is one of my favorite colors. Until then, here is a bit of green from the past weekend.

Derby Day

An official Kentucky Derby class from a friend’s annual party. It was a fun afternoon of traditional Derbiness – including a true southern spread of goodies & 2 minutes of us all cheering on the horses we selected in the pool. Yeah Barbaro!

During our summer weekend in Michigan last year I picked up some tulip bulbs in Holland. I planted them in my backyard flowerbed last fall & hoped for the best – the upstairs dog has a penchant for digging up stuff in there & the tulips were no exception. Thankfully, a few bulbs managed to survive & I have been enjoying the blooms over the last 10 days. Here are the beautiful blooms.

Tulips in my yard!

In the mail this week was a Happy God-Mother’s Day package from Miss Butterfly & Miss Doodlebug (thanks to Mom for the rename idea for the little one). Inside, a Miss Butterfly original that is on my fridge, a paper “ripper” for making fun edges while scrapbooking & a great knit project tote.

Happy Godmother's Day!

The timing of this gift is great – starting next week I will be a road warrior for 8-10 weeks & so will need to be transporting projects – I think this will fit nicely in my suitcase & I will be sure to have plenty of craftiness with me. I will be in Chattanooga on an assignment – on the weekends when I don’t fly back to Chicago I’ll drive down to Atlanta to spend time with the family. Are any of you in Chattanooga? If so, drop me a line & maybe we can meet-up while I’m down there.


  1. AcK!!! The sock!! Total grr moment! Other than the white stripe, your sock is looken good!! I knit my first sock on 2 circs, it isn’t the method for me!
    Love your god-mother gift! So sweet! : D

  2. Oh, the socks would have looked so great – what a shame that there was a mistake in the skein! But at least you got a replacement yarn!
    I haven’t tried the 2 circs method yet, but will definitely, I’m quite curious to see how this will work out for me!
    What a lovely package you got – a day can’t go wrong when there’s such goodies in it! 🙂

  3. Wow, how weird about the yarn – it never occured to me someone could run across a defective dye job. You have the right attitude though – using that as a practice sock. You tulips are so pretty – last time I tried to plant some the stupid squirrels dug them all up. 🙁 Great gifts from your goddaughters!!! Safe travels!

  4. I love that knit project tote. It’s so cute!! The tulips are gorgeous. That sucks about the yarn, but then again, kinda makes it cool.

  5. Oh no! I don’t think it looks bad to have the white stripe though. Sorry to see that just appeared!

    Love the tulips!

  6. What pretty tulips! Sorry about the white stripe. How annoying! At least you get some extra knitting practice, though.

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