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Wandering Knit in Progress…

Wow! Actual knitting content!
WI Wanderings Afghan in Progress

WI Wanderings Afghan in Progress

During my time in Wisconsin, I had many opportunities for day trips and other wanderings. Where possible, I would find a local yarn shop & pick up some sort of yarn souvenir. After a while, I had quite an assortment of skeins & I was wondering what to do with them. I decided to make a “crazy afghan” of all the skeins to be an afghan for my new PA home. After looking for pattern inspirations, one thing was clear: I needed a simple pattern that would be easy to pick up & put down as needed because knitting has been so haphazard. On March 4. 2012 I cast on 296 stitches while sitting in my hotel room and began the afghan. I am using a 2 row repeat and the 2nd row is just purling. Since then, I have knit and knit and knit and moved cross country and knit during the football season and put it away during warmer weather and brought it back out again for football knitting. I’m nearing completion on the afghan – hopefully by the end of football season, the afghan will be off the needles & on the back of the sofa. Once it is finished, I’ll share more details about the yarns and adventures that comprise this memory knit.

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  1. Yay! Parcheesi is something of a souvenir/memory blanket for me — lots of leftovers or other yarn for which I have a “story.” So fun. Also, so wonderfully warm! 🙂

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