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Diving into Dishcloth Cotton

Diving into Dishcloth Cotton

Wednesday afternoon I received an email that a friend had delivered a healthy baby boy. Now, the reality is that is was not an unexpected event – hello, I’ve known for several months that a little boy would be arriving this summer. But, had I done anything knitwise for them? Um, no. So my immediate thought was “what to make?” – that was quickly followed by “bibs” and visit to my cube of dishcloth cotton. Fewer than 10 minutes after receiving the email yarn had been selected & I had cast on for some quick gifts.

As I told my Mom, if I ever felt like I needed to justify why I’m always picking up assorted skeins of dishcloth cotton this is a reason why. A quick dive into the cotton & I’m on my way with some quick knit gifts. More details once they are finished & gifted.


  1. Perfect! Sweet colors too. I’m all for having a big stash of dishcloth cotton – they make quick hostess gifts too.

    In your defense, nine months comes shockingly quick.

  2. Cute, cute! And good for you for making a gift! Usually if the baby arrives before I’m ready, I just cop out and buy some cute onesies.

  3. MUST have you teach me this…I need to make two, ASAP! Twins – boy and girl….

  4. Oh yes, stash is always justified!!!! 🙂 Those colors are so pretty and summery – and perfect for a sweet baby boy too.

  5. Great color choices, and what a sweet idea for a quick gift.

  6. I have tried to get a cache of gifts ready and just be able to dive into my stash and wrap. No can do. I hadn’t thought of the dish cloth idea. It really fits everyone, doesn’t it?

  7. i am all about the stash of gifts. i had finished and saved a load of hemstitched burp cloths that i had edged with a fancy crochet stitch and i had them handy for the unexpected….they are gone now….for the last minute i buy diapers lately…everyone needs diapers! i have a friend that keeps white burp cloths on hand and bright ric-rack and she sews a couple ribbons of ric-rack down the middle and you have fancy burp cloths to give away that take just minutes to make. i need to get out my sewing machine again! i need to learn how to knit faster! i love your work! you are my hero!

  8. Love the color combination. Thank you for the inspiration! I have wanted to knit a few quick baby gifts.

  9. Love the cotton, always relaxes me to have an easy dishcloth to work on in times of stress. Please share your pattern for the burp cloths, sounds darling!

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