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Bring on the Color!

Project Spectrum 2.0 has begun!

The focus for February and March is the blue/gray/white spectrum – quite fitting for these winter days! Recent car time to/from the client in WI has been filled with these colors – blues and grays in the sky and the white of the snow covering everything. In addition to knit projects I’m looking forward to some non-knit projects – including some that I had hoped to accomplish last year during the first Project Spectrum.
Blue Knitting
I have a blue knit planned for the next couple of days. I started this knit twice this week while traveling for work (and actually thought I would start the month with a blue FO)…but a couple of intense work days meant that I had few brain cells left for knitting & both evenings I messed up the knit & had to rip it out. Hopefully I will reveal the finished project soon!

January Knits
Looking back on January I managed to knit quite a few colors from the spectrum – this stack of knit includes 12 dishcloths, my Bejeweled Blue Hostas Scarf, the secret knit and the still unfelted tote. The simple knitting has been great travel knitting.

Crocheted Scarf Progress
The crochet class is going well & I have made great progress on my scarf. As for the sore hand/arm when crocheting I have found that these hand exercises are helping & I plan to incorporate them into the daily routine. This multi-colored cotton yarn is perfect for a spring scarf!

It looks like we will be in “deep winter weather” mode this weekend – just perfect for staying in and crafting – stay tuned for project reveals…


  1. Hmmm, those colors seem to match your blog pretty well too. I’m guessing this is your month! 🙂

  2. Lolly said the colors were random, but they really do fit with the seasons quite well. I’m all excited for PS to finally start–hopefully I’ll get some sheep done and posted this weekend!

  3. So pretty! I loved your project spectrum project and photo collages last year.

    Oh, those exercises felt great! Crafting and typing.

  4. I started on Project Spectrum today too…a gray silk garden Cavendish throw. Also, I am reactivating my Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong in Iris blue. I’ll be rooting for your Bears and knitting this weekend.

  5. You have been doing a lot of knitting and crocheting! Can’t wait to see your blue surprise FO for Project Spectrum. Your crochet scarf looks so pretty and perfect for spring! Glad to hear the soreness is not so bad with the exercises.

  6. What beautiful colors in your stack of lovely cloths. That pattern is my favorite, taught to me by my grandmother years and years ago. It is a soothing knit, bringing me back in time. I’m so happy you are enjoying crocheting – I am a much faster crocheter than knitter, and although I love them both, I find knitting more of a challenge. The blue for your new project is just gorgeous – I am a blue lover and am drawn to it like a magnet! lol I also happy to hear that the soreness you are feeling is beginning to subside – I find when I do something “new” I tense up a bit – could that be part of it? In any event, take care Amy and happy knitting and crocheting!

  7. Your blog is always such a pleasant place to be! I hope you know that!

    That being said…on my blog today I was tagged to tell five secrets that I haven’t blogged about and then I had to tag 5 people to do the same.

    Tag! You’re IT!

  8. Your Fetchings are quite fetching if frustrating in the beginning!

  9. Fetching looks great, that is a great shade of blue!

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