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Sunshine Salad

Oh the cold, gray days of winter…no sunshine in sight! So, on a cold, gray, snowy Sunday I whipped up a Sunshine Salad in the kitchen.

Sunshine Salad

I came across this citrus salad recipe and used it as my starting point. I used a ruby red grapefruit, navel orange and blood orange. For the dressing, I mixed half clover honey and half blueberry honey with the citrus juices. In addition to the cardomom (one of my favorite spices) I also added a dash of ground cloves. This is a simple salad that tastes great – I’ll be making it again.

In addition to finishing my Bejeweled scarf earlier this month I’ve managed to finish quite a few other things.

Current Finished Objects

First up, a stack of dishcloths (and this stack doesn’t even include all of them so far this month). Most of these are my standard “grandma’s favorite.” I also completed the January Monthly Dishcloth KAL – a snowflake. I must admit, knitting a dishcloth in cream (or white) seems odd to me – I knit dishcloths to be used & this seems like it will always be stained or always have to be bleached.

Next up, a secret knit that can’t be revealed quite yet. How’s that for a teaser?

Next, I dug deep into the WIPs and pulled out my striped felted tote. The bottom of the bag has been seamed up, all of the connections have been dealt with – it’s ready for felting fun in the washer and then some handles.

Why have I been knitting so much this month? Work has me traveling during the week again – this time driving to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. On my drive up last week, I managed a detour to the Herrschners Retail Store – the reason for stopping was to buy a Wool Winder to go with my new swift. I left with a bag filled with yarn and no winder – didn’t even think of it when I was in the store. I was able to stop at the store on the way home & pick one up. It has already been put to good use.

First Crochet Attempts

Last spring, I picked up SnB: The Happy Hooker when Debbie Stoller came to Arcadia Knitting. I wanted to pick up some of the crochet basics last year; however, that didn’t happen. On Saturday morning I had my first Crochet Basics class at Arcadia – when the class is done I will have completed a scarf & learned several basic stitches. Saturday was the single and double crochet – homework was to practice those stitches and we’ll begin the scarf next week. I have done some practice with the intended scarf yarn; however, most of my crochet practice has been with leftover dishcloth yarn – not only am I practicing my new skills I’ll also have a few “wonky” dishcloths for my sink. One thing I have noticed with the crochet is that my right hand and arm gets sore – which is something I haven’t noticed with knitting.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories about your Friday Night Knitting Clubs. Isn’t it great that we are each able to find our own groups – whether in person or through our online connections? Now that the book has been released the author has appearances throughout North America – check out the schedule and see if she is coming to your town. Unfortunately she isn’t scheduled to visit Chicago yet; however, if you do go to an event I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Gosh, you are really on a finishing roll. The Sunshine Salad looks great. We have another weekend of snow and cold here in Denver.

  2. Yum, sunshine in a cup. Say hello to Northern Wisconsin for me!

  3. sunshine salad…perfect for a dreary chicago day! it’s neat that you’re learning to crochet. i’ve been trying to teach myself but i also get pain. hope you can get an ergonomic crochet technique going! 🙂

  4. I have been interested in trying the Debbie Stoller crochet book too. So many of the sweaters I like require a crochet edging, and her photos are usually pretty good for illustrating techniques.

    Congratulations on all those FOs!

  5. So jealous of your trip up to Herrschners. How much fun that must have been!

  6. Thanks for the salad recipe. The cardamon sounds like it would be an interesting addition. Our citrus trees are just a’groaning with grapefruits and valencia oranges. The church is coming to gleen the grapefruit tree this weekend.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment, I had a good time making the bedside organizer. You’re blog is really nice, you are a wonderful knitter, I wish I could knit with you and get some help, I’m just starting out.

  8. Amy the Sunshine Salad is a beautiful and cheerful sight to see! My mouth is really watering over the recipe too. MMM!!

    The book review – how AWESOME. I love that you got to read it in advance and tell us about it. I’ve been really feeling a little … I don’t know… maybe lonely. There’s an active knitting group near me but with my little ones at home and a husband who works late a lot I don’t get to “get away” very often and I’ve pretty much given up on trying to knit with them. I’ve decided that I’m going to host a webring for Kansas knitters (I don’t think there are very many) and also plan to do some more travel locally so that I can continue the online knitting friendships I’ve made and also get out of the house for fibery reasons.

    Take care and keep up the beautiful posts! 🙂

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