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Weekending…Labor Day Style…

On this Tuesday after a long weekend, a simple list – 10 things I did this weekend…Friday was the 1st big milestone of the months of big project work and by the time I left the office mid-afternoon, I was spent. In fact, I was not surprised when I fell asleep for a 20 minute catnap on the sofa while watching the 6:00 news on Friday. The weekend was a combination of “laboring” around the house and taking some “R&R time” to rest up…


  • Slept in till 8:30 on Saturday morning – with the busyness of work this summer, even my weekends have meant waking up early with a brain that won’t shut off…
  • Read…finished a fluffy mystery…met my summer reading goal…started a memoir that I’d been holding for since June via Overdrive…dabbled in a few other books…
  • Scrubbed the kitchen floor – full on, on hands & knees, a long overdue cleaning of all corners of the floor; also, the gel mats got a bubble bath
  • Switched from summer kitchen clean scents to autumn scents – this new Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider is perfect for the upcoming season!
  • Made a simple succotash with delicious farm produce – giant Lima beans & local garlic from last weekend…corn & tomatoes from my local farm stand…
  • Made a batch of “Essential Spray” (water + white vinegar + peppermint, tea tree & lemon oils) and won the battle with the ants at the front door trying to set up residence indoors.
  • Pulled together a bit of Konmari clean-up for Green Drop pick-up this week!
  • Emptied, cleaned & restocked my pantry cabinet. Along the way I downloaded the Pantry Check app so I can keep on top of what is on my shelves & in turn be cooking & shopping smarter.
  • Escaped to Oxford as I continued to stream through the Inspector Lewis series…
  • Prepped food for the week ahead: roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, roasted & shredded chicken as components for lots of easy pull together meals; a pan of my go-to shepherds pie; chia pudding for breakfast; fruit cleaned & ready to grab…

And as it always seems to be after this sort of long weekend, I could easily use 1 or 2 more of these types of days…but alas, this week looks to be busy…

How did you spend this “last” weekend of the summer? 

Connecting up with Carole for Ten on Tuesday


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully productive weekend. I need one where I can sleep in – work has me programmed for 5 am.

  2. We just finished watching the final season of Inspector Lewis… but there are many in between that we’ve not yet seen (filing in the Future File)!

  3. I have seen random Inspector Lewis episodes, but I didn’t start watching them every week until this final season. I do believe that I’m going to have to start at the beginning. . . hopefully he’s on Netflix.

  4. I love being able to combine play and work on these long weekends. It’s always a great time to get caught up on those projects that you can’t seem to tackle during a normal week.

  5. I adore Inspector Lewis! What a great place to escape to, except they sure do have lots of crime there! *wink* Also, there is a pantry app? How am I so clueless? LOL Thank you, I have downloaded it and feel slightly accomplished!

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