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Currently…March 2016

Ah MARCH…a month of…time change & the return of sunlight as I leave the office…daffodil bursting forth from the frozen ground…blooms and buds emerging on tree branches…long workdays with a big project…the feeling of “surviving” a winter and the anticipation of sunnier days…in the midst of it all, these are the things that filled my days…


Reading…a decent amount while on the road…finishing up my Lenten poetry reading…books reviews will be shared in a mid-April reading round-up…when the overhead light was broken on an evening flight, I *might* have used the flashlight on my phone to keep reading on my Kindle…

Watching…”finally” seeing several of the big Oscar movies…while in Texas, once the girls were in bed we enjoyed Spotlight and Steve Jobs…for months I’ve been wanting to see Bridge of Spies but would think about renting it “too late” on a Saturday night, this month – I finally remembered to rent it early in the evening & thoroughly enjoyed it…streaming Bosch on Amazon Prime…welcome back Mr. Selfridge…

When the current knitting project matches the current flowers & candle

When the current knitting project matches the current flowers & candle

Knitting…lots of knitting…diving into the stash to make simple shawlettes to share with friends and family…2 off the needles this month and a larger wrap in process in the colors of spring…

Calm Coloring

Coloring…so thankful for coloring books at the end of many busy days – I’ve got a post on that ready to share with y’all…


Cooking…after travel in the first half of the month, I was eager to return to some menu planning and cooking for the rest of the month…spinach and eggs in the fridge allowed for simply & healthy suppers when I was back home before picking up fresh groceries…the menu plans of earlier this year made it easy to pull some quick and healthy meals in the midst of unanticipated busyness…roasted veggies and baked chicken were a frequent foundation…a simple blueberry sauce was a great finishing touch to spring meals…a Zoodle Pizza Pie was a quick and healthy prep that yielded several meals…


Traveling…starting the month back in Marinette…a long weekend in Texas with my girlies was so restorative…


Splurging…on some fun ballet flats for the spring and summer seasons…indeed, there were so many Tieks colors that appealed to me…for my first pair, I decided on the Pacific Green…(yes, I can see more splurges in future seasons)

Looking ahead…making summer vacation plans…enjoying the transition to spring…diving into some serious spring cleaning…anticipating farmers market season…

Linking up with Leigh’s monthly What I’m Into round-up. What are you into these days? 


  1. super cute shoes– i love them! 🙂

  2. Love your Tieks! That’s a great color.

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