A few recent links from around the web that are worth a click and read…Enjoy!

  • My sister has had some “epic” auto-corrects in her texts – this article brought smiles to us all.
  • A clever map of fave UK/Irish TV shows and where they are set.
  • A fun slide show of 10 knitting terms – all sorts of trivia to file away in the details.
  • There’s a new documentary about Tiffany & Co – hmm, might need to rent it. Here are 7 facts from the film.
  • Who knew…so much history & drama about the pork roll? Since moving here, friends & family that have visited have discovered this breakfast meat option at diner breakfasts. On more than one occasion, pork roll has been bought here, frozen, wrapped in foil & transported on an plane to dear ones.
  • If you could have a super power, what would you chose? A thoughtful read on the powers of more time and more energy.