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A bit of the weekend

As we get back to work after the long Labor Day weekend, today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is simple – things from the weekend. The long weekend around here was a nice combination of busy/productive and low key. On Monday night, I was rested and also felt like I accomplished a lot; however, I’d take a couple more days like this. From among the hours, a few highlights:

Fast & Fancy Monday Dinner

Fast & Fancy Monday Dinner: Seared Scallops with Pan Fried Zoodles & Oven Roasted Tomatoes

  1. Knitting on a new cowl for me – as my August cowl knit came off the needles, I decided that “as knit” it wasn’t for me so I cast on for a 2nd one and am modifying the pattern for me.
  2. Reading – finishing up Yes, Please by Amy Poehler; making progress on a couple of other active reads; enjoying long spans of reading time peppered throughout the weekend.
  3. Winding yarn for my knitting project to accompany the upcoming Packers season – details to come in coming weeks.
  4. Listening to “the voice of the Bears” call Mercer’s season opening win against Austin Peay State University via the I Heart Radio app. Welcome back, college football.
  5. Tweaking a favorite broccoli salad recipe to be Whole30 compliant. Broccoli + bacon + homemade mayo + golden berries + chopped pecans = a tasty version that hits the spot
  6. “Finally” taking the Edge for a much needed carwash & clean. Once the windows were so clean, it was time to add the “ADK” oval sticker to the back windshield to remember a great family vacation.
  7. Catching up with the Texas girlies on the phone on Sunday morning – hearing about how 7th grade, 5th grade & kindergarten are going. When did they all grow up so much?!?
  8. Lots of food prep to keep me going with the current round of the Whole30. The fridge is filled with all sorts of things to easily grab & make meals this week: oven boiled eggs, roasted tomatoes, cooked bacon bits, homemade mayo, buffalo chicken, pulled pork and more.
  9. Finally putting my t-shirts in a box to mail off for a Project Repat quilt.
  10. Continuing the kitchen #konmari in the hall closet (extended kitchen storage) – among the accomplishments, all stained tea towels have been culled out of the basket.

As the temps around here this week try to give us our 6th heatwave of the summer, it doesn’t feel like the end of summer. What did you do on this “end of summer” extended weekend?


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  1. Seriously so impressed with your Whole 30 posts. That meal looks incredible! Did you buy a spiral noodle tool? I’ve been thinking about picking one of those up.

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