For this Tuesday, ten tastes of fall I look forward to as the seasons look to move from summer to autumn. As I’m 17 days into this Whole30 round, I know that some of these recipes won’t be made until the calendar flips; however, some can be enjoyed in the coming weeks.

The changing of the seasons was evident at Saturday's farm stand stop!

The changing of the seasons was evident at Saturday’s farm stand stop!

  • Chili – My “go to” now is the Chocolate Chili recipe from Well Fed. I have the ingredients here at home and plan to make a pot of it this weekend.
  • Nantucket Cranberry Pie – A recent addition to the fall desserts, this has become a new Thanksgiving time dessert (and maybe breakfast for the leftovers).
  • Baked Oatmeal – whether on the sweeter side or the savory side, this is a hearty breakfast for cold mornings.
  • Fresh made applesauce – peeled apples & a few hours in the crockpot – nothing beats homemade applesauce! Sometimes I might add a dash of cinnamon & spice…other times, just pure apple!
  • White Chili – a chicken & potato variation that is a hearty bowl of goodness on a cold evening.
  • While I enjoy sweet potatoes year round, I’m “excited” for the return of the frozen mashed sweet potatoes at Trader Joe’s – I stock up on these bags for an easy base for meals throughout the year. (In fact, just today my lunch included some of the last “pucks” from the freezer – BBQ pulled pork on a bed of sweet potatoes was easy and delish!)
  • “Endless” french press pots of coffee on the weekend – I’m much more of a hot coffee gal in cooler weather.
  • If I happen to be near a Culver’s, a pumpkin shake or concrete mixer is such a fall treat!
  • Stuffed Acorn Squash – I’m planning to try a new stuffing combo with the ones in the picture over the weekend.
  • Mulled Wine and/or Spiced Cider – An enjoyable mug of warmth that is just as delicious to smell while it is simmering on the stove.

What tastes of fall are you most anticipating?