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As summer transitions to autumn…the morning & evening skies have been brilliant with the hues to match the leaves that are starting to turn…days are definitely shortening…long sleeves and hand knits are being readied for the new season…iced begins to give way to steaming in some beverages…in the midst of it all, these are some of the things that filled my September days…

The view one morning that had me heading to NJ

Reading…not a whole lot of progress since I shared books earlier in the month – time to dive into “my” stack of books & get them read…before you know it, Christmas will be here & that normally means a new stack of books in our family…at lunchtime today I heard a fascinating hour with the author of a new book – it has now been ordered & I may drop all other books to read it – indeed, I am very curious about the new book Curious

Listening…no new discoveries/acquisitions this month…just enjoying assorted faves from my collection…on a particularly frustrating day at work, a silly playlist from another project provided the absurdity to power me through the rest of the day and the tasks at hand…

Watching…finished out the Honorable Woman series…wrapped up the Under the Dome season…enjoying the first episodes of a couple of new shows: Madam Secretary, Scorpions…glad for the return of favorites including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The return of a Sunday afternoon routine...knitting & football!

The return of a Sunday afternoon routine…knitting & football!

Crafting…I restarted my Brewers Crackerjack scarf during the Packers home opener – I was overthinking the pattern before…now a simple 2 knit rows for each game – this makes for easy knitting while watching football…

Browsing…Pride & Prejudice tweeted by an author in advance of his new book release…another great installment of “It’s Aaron” where Aaron Rodgers spotlights charities that make an impact – this one will get you…

App-ing…I finally installed Timehop & have enjoyed chuckles as moments from years past have come back…using the Shutterfly Photo Story app on my iPad to build some memory books of recent adventures…

Cheering on Mercer @ VMI

Cheering on Mercer @ VMI

Cheering…This past Saturday was a gorgeous day for a road trip to VMI to cheer on Mercer Football! (Since they moved to the Southern Conference this year, this was the closest they were to PA) Nonstop full & intense sun beating down for the entire game means I’m dealing with quite a bit of sunburn. But it was very fun to be there to cheer on “the team” as they achieved their first SoCon win (& on the road, no less).

A favorite simple supper

A favorite simple supper

Cooking…my Mushroom Caviar was requested as the “what can I bring?” for a friend’s Labor Day cookout…My Brussels Sprouts hash is back in my rotation of quick meals…time to bring out the crockpot & get back into the routine of some of my fall favorites (chocolate chili, pulled pork, and more)…

Sipping…pumpkin & cinnamon are flavoring my coffee…iced peppermint green tea has been a thirst quencher

Signs of the seasons changing at the farm stand

Signs of the seasons changing at the farm stand

Noshing…great seafood while in FL…introducing a work colleague to Philly cheesesteak while he was in the office for a week…local apples make a great afternoon snack…

Treating…myself to a hot stone massage after a crazy couple of weeks!

Liberty + Vans = Awesome!

Liberty + Vans = Awesome!

Wearing…fun new kicks: classic Vans in a classic Liberty of London print – a perfect combination of California roots and a favorite stop in my London travels! They make jeans & a sports team polo on Fridays even more fun.

Seeing…a bit more clearly now with new specs. It had been way too long since I got new glasses – I’m please with the new “bolder” frames. (I’m sure they’ll be popping up in posts soon)

On the roads in September

On the roads in September

Traveling…a quick surprise trip to celebrate with WI family…a couple of days in Florida for a business meeting…700+ miles round trip in 1 day for the Mercer football game – so glad that I have a comfortable & efficient ride for trips like this!

Looking Ahead…October means time to see my girlies down in TX…November includes birthday celebrations & the family celebrating Thanksgiving here…

Morning sun on the changing leaves

Morning sun on the changing leaves

Linking up with Leigh Kramer for the monthly “What I’m Into” round-up. What are you into these days?

As the seasons change, are you embracing the return of pumpkin in food & drink? Do you cheer for any football teams? What TV shows (new or returning) are you enjoying?


  1. What a full and rich September. Your autumn meals sound delightful!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of traveling – I think I’m jealous though. It sounds great to be able to see so many people in so many different places.

    And, I absolutely love those fun Vans!

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