So, the library reading challenge ended weeks ago – I think I managed to log 12 (of their 25 goal) in the short, short “summer” they chose. My reading continues…and my stack of books continues to far outweigh the available reading time…

My plans for library book reading recently may have gotten ahead of myself and I’ve had to return several books without reading them…I need to figure out the right pace for requesting books & realize that 8 books out from the library at once just isn’t realistic for me these days.

As the seasons are starting to change & a whole slew of tv shows will be starting up, I’m reevaluating my approach to tv & reading…I want to be reading more & watching less…

browsing vintages kids books at the used bookstore in the Milwaukee airport

browsing vintages kids books at the used bookstore in the Milwaukee airport

From my August & September reads, a few highlights:

  • The Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry – The latest from a “new favorite” author – this installment of thriller + history + long buried secrets focuses on the legality of seceding from the US during the Civil War.
  • The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon – A book club read for the women’s growth network at work. A quick business parable read – it felt like it might have been trying too hard to have a similar feel to “Who Moved My Cheese?” – but it was a good reminder of the positive focus to have as you approach work and life.
  • Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (audio) – A quick listen – a breezy story of a washed out pro football player who is given “one last chance” with a team in Italy.
  • A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea by Richard Phillips (audio) – Captain Phillips’ memoir of his road to becoming a merchant marine & captain and then the detail of his days of capture and dramatic rescue while in command of the Maersk Alabama.
  • Bleachers by John Grisham (audio) – The story of a former high school football star who returns “home” as everyone gathers in vigil ahead of their legendary coach’s death.
  • No Easy Day by Mark Owen (audio) – A SEAL team member’s account of the Bin Laden raid. I chuckled as I heard him also talk about the rescue of Captain Phillips (see above) – a reminder of how connected things can be.
  • The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – I bought this quite a while ago for my Kindle & then it sat unread. I “picked it up” as my read for my “Meet me in Milwaukee” travel & quickly devoured it. Set in 1930s New York, the tale of young adults finding their way in life and love against the backdrop of life in the city never sleeps and in the midst of money and no money.
  •  The English Assassin by Daniel Silva – the 2nd in a series that I am working my way through…a big part of the storyline was around the art stolen from Jews in WWII – I think it’s time to read Monument Men now.
  • Black Flagged by Steven Konkoly – a free title via Book bub – first in a series – fast moving thriller that was a good travel read – a slightly different twist on the deep cover government agent & the attempt to leave that life behind.
  • Arnco by Ben Muse – another free Book Bub title – The “can I go home again” story of a best selling author experiencing a quarter-life crisis and returning to the small town in Georgia where he spent many happy moments at his Grandmother’s house while growing up and reconnecting with “the girl” of his childhood

What are you currently reading these days? As the seasons change, do you find your reading time increasing or decreasing?

Once again, linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for the Twitterature round-up. (And most likely adding to my to-be-read list as I check out other blogs…)