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Ten on Tuesday: Winter Wonders

Today’s “Ten on Tuesday” topic seems at once timely and maybe a little bit cruel given the weather assaults that this winter seems to be so fond of. When I first saw the topic, I initially laughed it off – but then decided this would be a good exercise to see the positive in the midst of the “not again” feeling that the forecast seems to be bringing these days. And really, my “bad” winter is less than dear ones are experiencing elsewhere…but, still…are we done yet?

Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders

So, in no particular order, here are 10 Things I Like About Winter…

  • Amaryllis Blooms. There is something magical about the bright bloom of an amaryllis bulb in the midst of the cold, white winter…
  • Soup. A pot of soup simmering on the stove for supper later in the day. A current favorite – Italian Squash Soup
  • Nature’s Art. The art around us when snow & sun mix with bare tree branches. In the midst of the “ugly” remnants of snow there are moments of true beauty.
  • Snow Removal Service. The sound of the maintenance crew clearing the sidewalks, road & parking lot in my apartment complex with each snowfall. After the years of digging out in front of my garage in the alley in Chicago, I’m getting spoiled. (And living in an area where garages are hard to come by, I’m so thankful my Realtor showed me this place with the good carport.)
  • Hand knits for keeping warm! Hats and scarves and cowls and fingerless gloves, oh my! Oh, and a new afghan finally off the needles! (FO post coming soon…)
  • Cozy socks around the house. Rotating between Life is Good snuggle socks & socks knit on a vintage sock knitting machine.
  • An “endless” pot of coffee or tea in a fun pottery mug. The perfect companion to hibernation activities: reading, knitting, catching up on shows & movies.
  • Making vacation plans for warmer months. “Spring Break” possibilities with the TX girlies…Summer vacation fun with the WI crew…
  • Heated seats in the car. Even though my daily commute is short, it’s better with the extra warmth.
  • Springtime. As nature starts to awaken in the spring with new growth and new blooms, there is the reminder that the winter season is indeed needed in order for newness to abound.

As always happens, this winter weather will eventually give way and we’ll “turn, turn, turn” through the seasons. In the meantime, what wonders are able to glean from your winter experience?


  1. I’d say winter handknits are on the top of my list these days, too! But… I’m really, really ready for spring.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of soup. Yum. And hot chocolate.

    I also love heated seats. My car doesn’t have them but my husband’s truck does. It’s bliss on super cold days.

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