A new year! A time to look back…a time to look ahead…a time to look around…


Looking back…2013 seemed to be a return to a more balanced work/life integration. As I mentioned, most of my travel was for fun. At work, I transitioned into a new role and am enjoying the challenges of learning something new. I enjoyed the challenge of tackling a Whole 30 and incorporated several things into my regular routine throughout the year.

Looking ahead…2014 is 365 new chapters to be written. I’m making lists, goals, jotting ideas of what I want this year to be. A return to fitness – it’s time to combine the success of 2010/2011 with the new nutrition learned in 2013 and get serious once again. As I “play” in the kitchen, I need to share the results more. Increase the knit stitches around here and share them. Memories have been captured in recent years & sit in the cloud – it’s time to redefine what is scrapbooking for me & get pictures onto pages. Continue to make new memories with family! Later this year is a milestone birthday…I’m starting to pull together a list of things I want to do before then.

Looking around…I started blogging out here in January 2006. Much has changed since then – in my life, in the world, in social media. The blogging community has changed quite a bit. I miss it when I’m not actively posting here – I joke about mentally blogging so many things – the reality is that the blog provides a framework for writing, whether or not I ever hit publish. This year I want to be hitting publish more. I see a couple of blog link ups that I think I will jump into this year as a way to stay connected.

If you are still here, thank you for continuing to look…I look forward to seeing what unfolds!