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One Community: January 2014

As one way to be blogging on a regular basis, this year I’m participating in some blog link-ups. After “following” this one for last year, today I’m jumping into the “One Community” photography project that asks us to photograph words in our lives and communities. This month, the words are TREASURE – SILVER – RESOLUTION – WINTER.

Treasure…While home for Christmas, I snapped a picture of a family treasure that surely doesn’t look like much. This ornament has been in the family since Dad was a baby. Dad was born during WWII and this ornament seems like a snapshot of the era to me – the glass has not been metallic glazed and the top and hook are paper and string because of the metal rationing in place during the war. While this may not be the sparkliest or priciest ornament on the tree, it is one of the most treasured by our family.



Silver…A bit of shine (and “hidden JOY“) on my Christmas tree. I had several silver stars on the tree that provided extra reflection and sparkle during the holiday glow. Not on the tree this year…silver icicles that were so tarnished they were almost brown. (Note: need to get the silver polish out & shine up several pieces…) 



Resolution…As I refocus on fitness & nutrition this year, It’s time to keep the sneakers active – walking around the neighborhood with an audio book, a lap around the office park at lunch, taking advantage of the Y membership.



Winter…Winter arrived early here in Pennsylvania this year. Before the first day of winter in December, we had already seen 4 snow events & almost a foot of snow on the ground. This week, another six inches followed by dropping temps and bitter winds. So far, we’ve had more winter this season than we did all of last year. After several winters in Marinette (& the Chicago-Marinette white knuckle winter commutes), this is still a “mild” winter for me. However, I am enjoying my 4 mile work commute in this weather, the ability to work from home, the rumbles & beeps of the snow removal in the apt. complex, the covered carport.



I’m linking up with other bloggers today through One Community – a monthly photo project that is all about the connections between us even though we all live in different places. Sarah is hosting the link-up here.



  1. Ooh – I love your wintry tree pics! And that is such a neat story about that old ornament. We have some wooden 12 Days of Christmas ornaments that are hand-painted by my husband’s grandmother that are very dear to us. Good luck on your resolution — a good podcast certainly makes the time pass more quickly.

  2. Visiting from Beauty School Dropout. I love how special that 1st ornament is. It’d definitely be treasured by me too, given its amazing backstory. What beautiful frozen trees as well. Certainly is beautiful. Nevertheless, I could use some warm weather :).

  3. These are lovely! And I think your resolutions sound spot on. Thank you for playing!

  4. Hi! I found you through The story behind the first ornament is fascinating. What interests me the most about that era is when I think about how it really wasn’t that long ago yet things are so drastically different now.

    We’ve gotten so much snow where I live this week that our tree branches are bending and falling off under the weight. I’ve been stuck at home since yesterday evening and I’ll be here again all day tomorrow until the travel restrictions are lifted. I have to say that this is the worst weather I have ever seen.

  5. Coming over from the Link-Up! I was born in PA and spent most of my childhood there. Love the tree branches picture!

  6. Love the story of your treasure photo…
    The silver star is gorgeous.
    Well done on the fitness resolution.
    And it sounds like most of you have seen snow this year, but nothing here so far! xx

  7. The story of your dad’s christmas ornament is so interesting – a great history lesson too! I am a huge fan of audiobooks too. Do you have any favorites that you recommend? I am listening to Cutting for Stone and Game of Thrones right now – two very different books!

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