With my return to life in Chicago, I’m thrilled to resume some produce routines that make meals much better – my weekly veggie box delivery & Saturday morning trips to the farmer’s market. Today’s “10 on Tuesday” topic is perfect with my menus these days: 10 things for a salad…


1… Mixed greens – once again I have a lettuce bowl on my deck & it is very fun to go pick fresh lettuce for the foundation

2… Spinach – I’ve been getting a large bag of spinach @ the market each week & use it in salads or steamed for warmer meals

3… Mushrooms – from my mushroom vendor @ the market

4…5…+ Assorted fresh fruit – this will evolve throughout the season – currently strawberries…then blueberries & stone fruit

6…7…+ Grilled veggies – each week I grill up an assortment of veggies & use them in menus throughout the week – the grilled veggies add a depth to the salad – recent combos have included asparagus, Vidalia onions, sweet peppers, zucchini & yellow squash

8…9…+ Seasoning & dressing – a sprinkle or two from one of many of my spice mixes from The Spice House – a splash of olive oil – a splash of a balsamic vinegar

10…A bit of Parmesan cheese – a sprinkle of cheese can turn the ‘dressing’ a bit creamy

Bonus…a few walnuts for crunch

Bonus…left over grilled meat – recent additions have included pork, chicken & tri-tip

I use a big glass bowl from Grandma’s kitchen to toss everything together & enjoy a taste of the season in a fast, easy & delicious meal!

What are your favorite salad fixin’s?