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Month: January 2011

Simple Stitches

My yarn stash is overflowing with lots of yarns of different fibers, colors and textures. My Ravelry queue is filled with many different projects – hats, scarves, socks, sweaters and more. So how have I started off my 2011 knitting? A return to the basic – the simple dishcloth that first brought me to knitting in 1997.

After a flurry of holiday knitting & a Christmas break knit for me (must blog it) I was wondering what I would knit next. As I was formulating plans for larger projects, I got started on 1 dish cloth and just kept going. Simple knitting while watching bowl games…while waiting for friends at coffee shops…while waiting for weekend events to begin…while watching the playoffs (Go Pack Go!)…while decompressing in the hotel in the evenings…Before I knew it, here I sit at the end of January with a stack of 16 new dishcloths to put into rotation in my kitchen and also gift to friends – well, after I have a “weaving ends session” later today. Next up, I’m starting a new shawl project to be my hotel knitting for the coming weeks – the combination of a good pattern and some beautiful yarn I picked up with a birthday gift card. Sometimes, a return to the simple things is what is needed to recharge & provide new inspiration.

Snow – Knits – Joy

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – knitting for babes & kids is fun! Especially when you get pictures of the knits in action.

This afternoon these pics came from Texas via text message. When I was in Dallas in March we woke to a Sunday snowfall & scrambled to put together some cold weather gear for the girls to play in the backyard. So, I decided that I needed to provide some additional cold weather gear – this winter I was on the lookout for snow pants for them & found a steal of a deal on ‘basic black’ just before Thanksgiving.  For Christmas, I knit simple “infinity scarves” for Miss Butterfly & Miss Doodlebug & found some winter gloves to match. Today, they have a bit of snow down south & were adequately prepared to head outside & play.

Most of the time, snow isn’t as fun when you’re an adult…there’s the shoveling to do, getting the car in & out of the garage in the alley, dealing with driving in the bad conditions (I had a horrible trek north in December after a big snow), etc…how wonderful to be reminded of the joy that a bit of snow can bring!

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