Several years ago, when I was upgrading my cell phone I remember commenting that I didn’t need the camera feature on the new phone – “why would you bother with that?” was the spirit of my comment. Of course, at that time the camera phones produced very sketchy pictures. Last December, when I made my latest smartphone upgrade I had to chuckle that my phone now had a better camera on it than my first digital camera. While I do have a small camera that stays in my purse, I do enjoy having a ready camera on the phone to capture unexpected moments.

As I have been north in Marinette this year, the camera on the phone has been handy for capturing a few insights into my “life” up north. Since “end of the year” retrospectives are common, I’ve assembled some of these highlights into a collage.

(Click on the collage to view it in Flickr with details about each picture)

As I look at these highlights that I captured, I’m reminded that even in the midst of times of great busyness and stress you can find bright moments. Who knows what moments I will capture when I’m back up north in the New Year…