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In tutto il traguardo

…Across the finish line…

On Thursday evening I finished my Olympic shawl as the men’s beach volleyball gold medal match began – it took 45 minutes to work my way across the final row. On Friday evening, I gave the shawl a good soak and then used my blocking wires to transform a lumpy mound of yarn into a flowing shawl. This morning I snapped a few pictures of the finished product & then wrapped the shawl around my shoulders as I enjoyed my breakfast before starting my day. I look forward to wearing this in the coming weeks.

Estate Italiana

I’ve decided to call this shawl Estate Italiana (Italian Summer) – the colorway (Trevi) and pattern (Capri) conjure up memories the great trip to Italy in the summer of 2005.

Now, back to the many projects on my needles – some “knit for others,” some early Christmas gifts, maybe some fall/winter accessories to prepare for cooler days, always some socks. And also back to a project that has been off my needles – it is time to finish up my first sweater – all that remains is blocking, seaming & the armhole/neck bands. Hopefully I will be revealing the sweater in the coming weeks!


  1. It’s beautiful! I love the name; it fits perfectly. Congratulations!

  2. The shawl is gorgeous! It looks so delicate. It’s beautiful.

  3. Beautiful work! Congratulations on finishing!

  4. Congratulations on creating such a delicate, sea foam beauty!

  5. It’s so delicate and beautiful — I know you’ll wear it with a smile!

  6. It’s incredibly beautiful! Truly worthy of a gold medal!!

  7. Awesome Lace! I luff seeing my pots in the wild. A true pleasure spending some time with you at Stitches. All My Best

  8. Oh Amy, it’s beautiful. A gold medal for you!

  9. GORGEOUS! Looks like a wisp! Love the picture of it in the bowl! A perfect 10 for you!

  10. Belissima!

  11. I’m looking forward to the unveiling of your sweater, in the meantime, your shawl is elegantly beautiful and perfectly named.

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