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Seasoned Stitchers

As you may have read on other blogs, Stitches Midwest was in Chicago this weekend. So for the third Saturday morning this summer, I picked up iced coffees & my knit pals, Jen & Kristy, and headed out for some fiber fun.

When we arrived at Stitches last year I think “overwhelmed” was a very accurate word to describe our collective reaction to everything. This year, all three of us were much more prepared to make our way through the offerings. Since the Fiber and Folk Art Fair last month, we each had spent some time coming up with supply lists so that our shopping had purpose. After three hours in the marketplace we all were pleased with our purchases.

Handles Haul

Among my purchases – some leather bag handles from Homestead Heirlooms. The brown handles are for my stash bag that has been “in progress” for way too long. It is finally felting today & should be put into use soon. The pink handles are for my next felted tote project – which includes the brown and pink wool I picked up at the Webs booth.

Button Stash

A stop into the Color In Stitches booth yielded quite a stash of buttons. The best find was a semi-hidden basket of vintage buttons – there were all sorts of fun shapes, colors, sizes & the prices were some of the best I’ve seen for vintage things. I don’t have projects in mind for them but they will definitely serve as inspiration.

Brooks Farm Blue

Last month I picked up some Limited Edition 3 yarn from Brooks Farm that is becoming a Montego Bay scarf. It is a beautiful yarn that ebbs and flows from thicker to thinner weight. This weekend I picked up 2 additional skeins in a beautiful blue – I plan to turn this into Nereides.

Blueberry Mix yarn

My biggest purchase was also one that I never thought I’d make – yarn for a sweater for me. I picked up a beautiful Berreco Ultra Alpaca in Blueberry Mix at Webs. Stay tuned for details as I venture into my first sweater project this fall.

Button Yarn & Buttons

The last purchase of the day was at Black Water Abbey. I was immediately drawn to this Butter color. Last year I purchased the Seafoam color which has stayed in my stash – so I’m thinking of a project to incorporate both yarns. And these buttons were too cute to pass up. At the Black Water Abbey booth it was also fun to reconnect with Judy, my Vacation Knit Swap pal from last summer.

While wandering the aisle we stopped by to say hi to Jack & Kim at the Sit & Knit/Cast On, Bets Off booth where Jack was busy signing copies of the mystery the entire time we were chatting with them.

This year Stitches was sharing the convention center with a Wizard World convention – which yielded some extreme people watching opportunities. As we left the Marketplace, (classic) Batman & Robin got on the escalator in front of us. Jen’s husband Greg is a huge Batman fan – so it was only fitting to quickly get this picture with my cell phone.

As we headed back to the car – still giggling from the Batman picture which we emailed to Greg from the parking deck – we all were pleased with our purchases and joked that we were indeed Seasoned Stitchers with how we tackled the marketplace this year with purpose.

The day ended at Jen’s with Thai food, a movie, and of course knitting. I refrained from casting on any of the new purchases – rather I spent most of the evening working on a project with yarn from last year’s Stitches stash.


  1. Now that’s what I can sensible purchases! Kudos to you for sticking to your list :o)

  2. Lovely yarn purchases, Amy! And all those buttons will keep you in business for many sweaters to come.

  3. You did well! I love buttons!! Re: Batman and Robin —- I’ve always been a bit partial to Robin!!

  4. I’m smiling, just thinking about our celebrity encounter!

    It was a lovely day – I’m proud of myself for coming in safely under the $100 mark. I could have gone bananas on fibers, but was soooo good (though couldn’t resist the Webs discounted yarn for felting a new purse….) It was especially nice to have access to so many notions and accessories. Now, I just have to FINISH knitting and felting a few things and actually sew all of the snaps and buttons on my various projects!

  5. so many wonderful things! Love the buttons and the blue yarn you picked up!

  6. Didn’t you just love the wizards! Oh, for a working camera!

  7. It looks like you had a wonderfully successful trip at stitches! It’s nice to go with a list so that you can focus in and not be so overwhelmed!

    I hope to get to stitches east someday.

  8. I am impressed with your organization in purchasing! This was my first Stitches Midwest, so now that I know what to expect, I can only hope to be so prepared next year. The yarns and other sundries are lovely. And love the picture with Batman and Robin! I only wish I had gotten a picture of the fully outfitted Darth Maul that I saw!

  9. Oooh, I love those buttons! And you take the best stash pictures in the glass bowls – I love them.

  10. Wonder what kind of yarn the caped crusaders like to knit with? LOL

  11. LOVE the color of the yarn for your sweater! Great choice and those buttons! Wow. I bookmarked the link (thanks for posting it) and will order some soon! Looks like you had such fun!!!

  12. looks like you did well at Stitches! really like your Brooks Farm stuff – it’s beautiful. i bet you will really enjoy the Ultra Alpaca – i made a sweater out of that last winter, and it is so soft, light and warm. look forward to hearing how your first sweater project goes!

  13. It was great to see you at Stitches. Looks like you made some very wise purchases. I will be watching for progress on your first sweater. You can do it !

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