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Cover Your Head

With all of the bitter cold weather recently, I am taking the adage of “cover your head” to heart whenever I’m outside and so my Chattanooga cap is getting a lot of wear (and holding up great). So I thought it would be fun to make Calorimetry for something different. As I saw others blog about it there were warnings of knitting off gauge & it being too big. I thought I’d just “go for it” because I have a hard time finding hats for this big head. So last Sunday I knit the whole thing & when it was off the needles it was obvious that it would be way too big for even me to wear. So I promptly pulled it apart & wound the yarn back into a ball. For this, the second time is the charm. What a fun head warmer! I finished this up on Friday evening & it kept my head warm through all of the errands and outings on Saturday.


The Details:
Calorimetry in Pearl Malabrigo. Size 8 needles (super long ones from my Grandma’s stash). The button is a glittery silver star that I had picked up over the summer & added to the stash for baby bibs. It’s a bit of fun on the grey knit. My pattern modifications: cast on 104 stitches, I did row 5 14 times (instead of 16 in the pattern). This was my first short row project – I still need to work on the skill but it’s nice to have a new skill in the knit kit.

This is my second Malabrigo knit & I think this yarn is rapidly becoming a favorite. The color is great – of course a gray day is not optimal for capturing it’s true color. Upon first glance it is gray and white but there is a purple hue to it as well.

Crochet Scarf

On Saturday I crocheted a few flowers to add to my scarf. I enjoyed this crochet class – it was fun to learn a new skill, one that I’ve wanted to learn for quite a while. Now when I see a knit project that involves a bit of crochet finishing I won’t shy away from it because “I don’t now how to do that.” I don’t have grand plans for crochet projects now; however, I plan to do a bit of crochet in each Project Spectrum 2.0 color in the coming months.

This past week I was wondering what my next project would be. I now know what it will be – a “crazy square” (or 2) for A Blanket of Hope.
Blanket of Hope
Sonya‘s husband has been recently diagnosed with lymphoma. As they are just starting to learn the details and treatment options, Rebekah is pulling together a Blanket of Hope to provide comfort and warmth. If you have some spare yarn (I’m pretty sure that’s a rhetorical question) & a bit of spare time you can knit whatever size wool or woolblend square/rectangle/triangle to be included in this crazy quilt.

A couple of other things that have been rattling around my head…

Another “helping others” event in blogland that I want to highlight is Debby’s husband who is participating in a 3 day bike ride for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation. Debby’s announcement about the ride is great – the spokescat Charlie is too much.

Speaking of Project Spectrum 2.0 – Have you seen this?
Color in Motion
Check out this color education. Learn a bit more about the colors we see in our everyday world.

P.S. For those of you who have tagged me for the “6 Weird Things” – here is my “5 Quirky” posting from last year.


  1. Calorimetry looks great! I use 7s on all of mine, but not other modifications although I know a lot of other people did.

    Your flowers look great!

  2. I have been eyeing Calorimetry for some time now. Yours looks so cute!

    And your crocheted flowers are so cute. They are going to be the perfect embellishment for your scarf.

  3. I love Calorimetry–haven’t seen the pattern before but I might have to sneak this project in. Yours looks awesome.

  4. Love the subtle colors on your Calorimetry. I’ve had hat head all day from clearing the driveway. I think I know the solution! Thank you for mentioning the Blanket of Hope. We really appreciate it!

  5. What a pretty Calorimetry. This certainly seems to be the pattern that’s sweeping blog land at the moment – even with the sizing problems. I really love that star button you used – I should build up a button stash too!!

  6. love the yarn you used for your calorimetry! It looks like a silvery gray on my screen and the button just tops it right off 😀

  7. I guess I need some Malabrigo, don’t I? 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for mentioning the Blanket of Hope project. I do appreciate all the “press” we can get so we can make a really nice blanket for Sonya and Kevin.

    Love the calorimetry. I still haven’t made one but intend to make one similar but with some tweaks as I plan to use it for a headband to wear to work in my freezing cold office. Maybe this weekend I’ll get to do that finally.

  9. Thank you for mentioning our fundraiser. I’ll have an announcement shortly with our progress so far. I hope your friends are feeling well these days!

    I’m going to do some squares too…just found some patterns last night in the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar that I think will work.

    Love your calorimetry and especially your crocheted flowers! So feminine. In my new issue of Lucky magazine, there was a page with clothes & shoes that all had these flowers or rosettes on them, so you’ll be right on the cutting edge of fashion. 🙂

  10. What fun projects you are working on. I am totally inspired to make the Calorimetry after seeing yours. Boy – you guys are really getting slammed with the weather over there. Stay warm!

  11. Isn’t that Color in Motion great? I found it a month ago and played…and played…and played. The internet is a timesuckng device. Meanwhile, stay toasty!

  12. I love the little crocheted flowers on the scarf. They are a wonderful little touch. 🙂

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