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A Cup of Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea

With all of my business travel this year I have been fairly disconnected from my girlfriends here in Chicago. On Sunday afternoon I was able to catch up with a lot of them – over a cup of Christmas tea.

As I’ve mentioned before, I find the act of afternoon tea to be a lovely “timeout” from the rest of life and this was no exception. Until this weekend, most of December had been filled with work – including trips to the client site in WI. But once this past week wrapped up I had passed a large milestone on the current project and could turn my attention to things Christmas-y.

First up, a holiday tea. Among the many things that my Mom taught me was the art of simple hospitality and entertaining. As I was pulling everything together I thought of the many times I was in the kitchen helping Mom get ready for gatherings at home. Given my recent schedule, I knew the menu would contain more store bought goodies than I would normally include. However, I did find time this weekend to make several treats – all were simple recipes.

On the menu: Sugared Cranberries; Peppermint Truffles; Mom’s Sausage & Cheese Biscuits; Cran-Pumpkin Mini-Muffins; Ham & Turkey Roll-ups; Cucumber Sandwiches; Amish Friendship Bread (Thanks for bringing it Michele!); Mini-Quiches, Pastries & Cookies from Costco; An assortment of yummy teas.

As everyone arrived and introductions were made for those who didn’t know each other we were gathered around “the spread” in the dining room. Once everyone had loaded up their plates and customized their tea to their liking we moved to the living room where we enjoyed several hours of chatting with each other surrounded by the light of the Christmas tree, the nativity mantel and other Christmas decorations. It was so much fun to see friends who didn’t know each other before yesterday find commonalities and have fun conversation.

As we wrapped up the afternoon we all agreed that this was a great timeout from the hustle and bustle that can consume the holiday season. For me, it was a wonderful chance to reconnect with dear friends who make Chicago “home” for me.

Next up, getting the Christmas cards in the mail, a few packages to ship to their destinations and pulling together everything to head home to the ‘Ville for Christmas later this week.

As you are in the midst of your own holiday preparations I hope you are able to find the time to take a “timeout” and connect with the people near and dear to you.


  1. Amy I loved your comment on the blog! Thank you so much friend! I wish I coulda caught up with you in Chicago for tea! I love the heritage your mother left you! awesome memories!

  2. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! Everything was lovely.

  3. Oh, that sounds lovely, Amy! My mother is having a tea party for her 70th birthday in January, but thankfully, at a tea room.

  4. What a terrific idea!! Sounds like a wonderful (and rejuvenating) afternoon.

  5. Thanks for the reminder of what the season should be about, reflections on those memories and the connection with those near and far. I could crawl into the warmth of that picture.

  6. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go out for high tea. Thanks for reminding me of that and of what is best about this time of year.

  7. Your tea party sounds like so much fun! It’s so imnportant to take time out from all the Christmas “chores” to enjoy friends and family. I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  8. What a wonderful idea!!! I’ll have to put that on my list! What better way than to honor good women friends…definately on my to-do list!!! Great idea for a mid-winter cheer up.

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