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Like Father…Like Daughter

My first reaction to The Yarn Harlot’s call to “Citius, Alitius Fortius” was a bit of a chuckle. I have fond memories of Olympic crafting occuring in our house when I was growing up – specifically my Dad needlepointing. (A bit of history…my dad learned to needlepoint in the ’70s when he was on missile crew alert for 24 hours at a time underground in Kansas.) I remember the Needlepoint Winter Olympics of 1988 when my Dad worked on this piece – 18 years later it still hangs in the entry of the house (albeit a couple of states & homes removed from 1988).

From the 1988 Winter Olympics

For Christmas this past year I bought Dad this needlepoint kit – specifically looking ahead to the 2006 Winter Games in Torino.

Poppy Pillow Needlepoint Kit

So, while I was casting on my for knit event in Chicago during the opening ceremonies Dad was starting his own Needle Games in Georgia.

Dad starting on the poppy

Even though Dad isn’t planning to finish his project in the course of the games it is fun to know that “Amy Artisan” & “Dad Artisan” are both needling along with the athletes.

A few notes about the 2006 needlepoint – it is perfect for our family for a couple of reason: The Tiffany glass style (the whole family loves Tiffany windows & Dad used to do stained glass) & the California poppy (Mom is a native Californian, my parents met in CA & I have fond memories of growing up there while in elementary school).


  1. Your dad does such incredible and intricate work! That’s so neat that he’s into needlepoint; I love to see people breaking those gender barriers. I’ll be cheering on *both* of the Artisan Olympians! 😉 Take care, Amy!

  2. I love the story of the Olympic crafting. How sweet. Your dad is very good at that!

  3. Wow! That is amazing work. I love needlepoint and hope to get to it someday. Tell your dad that we are cheering him on 😉

  4. How fantastic! What beautiful colours! A rowdy cheer for you both!!

  5. I love the needlework! What a neat idea. Is the poppy a kit? I wonder if you could find it in Calgary? I love poppies. Good luck in the needlework olympics 🙂

  6. Gorgeous pattern, love the background story! I love Tiffany, too, being a big fan of glass and of Deco, Nouveau, and Prairie/Craftsman styles.

  7. Your dad’s needlepoint is so amazing! Can’t wait to see your finished Capri shawl.

  8. What fun! You know, for as much time as I spend crafting in front of the TV, I’m surprized I never thought of the idea of having a project specifically for a certain event or show. I’m not surprized that the Yarn Harlot wasn’t the first to think of it. 🙂

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