Whew! Capri is successfully off the needles at 2:30 PM. This is the second time today that I finished the shawl. Around 9:30 this morning I finished binding off (with just a bit of yarn leftover) & when I went to stretch the shawl out along the bind off edge I heard a horrible sound – the breaking of yarn. That’s right, the bind off was way too tight & there was no way that it could be worn – the break of the yarn was actually a good thing. I managed to pick up all the stitches on a row about 12 back from the bind off – I placed them all on my biggest stitch holder – then transfered them onto one of the needles. After a break to go have brunch with friends I returned to the mess – I took to unraveling the remaining rows & after a couple of yarn breaks discovered that the stitches were “backwards” on the needle so I had to transfer them to the other needle. I then knit about 4 rows & started the bind off row again. This time the bind off is much looser & I will be able to block the shawl into a better shape.

Here is a picture of the “rough” shawl now before I begin blocking & dealing with the few ends that need to be woven.

Capri - Before Blocking

Next up…blocking! The next blog entry about Capri will be introducing you to the finished object!