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Knitting for Subtitles

Knit Valentines

This project was the perfect weekend knitting activity while waiting for the Olympics & working my way through the at home Netflix. This weekend I ended up with all foreign films at home…having to read subtitles means that the knitting can’t be too complicated. These Valentine themed dishcloths will be making their way to my Mom & sister with some coordinating dish towels.

The knit details:
Melissa’s Knit Valentine DishclothI see some of her other designs as future “quick projects” in the coming months
– Strawberry varigated Sugar n’ Cream yarn (4 dishcloths from just under 2 1/2 balls of yarn)
– Size 8 needles
– The Valentine Day’s Sheep from Katie’s Shop was the perfect accessory to mark my odd row needle.
I had originally planned to use a solid color yarn for these; however, this was the only Valentine themed Sugar n’Cream yarn at Michael’s on Friday afternoon.

The movie details…thoroughly enjoyed The Chorus/Les Choristes. Also, I “finally” saw Cinema Paradiso & loved it – as often as I’ve heard the soundtrack it seems like I would have seen the movie by now. Interestingly enough, one of the ‘old movie’ songs in the film “Anna (El negro zumbon)” has been wonderfully redone on the latest Pink Martini CD.


  1. These are beautiful!!! I love the yarn and the hearts are so sweet. Lucky lucky girls!!

  2. So pretty! In that light, the yarn looks silky and smooth… such a sweet and simple pattern 😉

  3. Lovely gifts! I love the patterns on Melissa’s site, I think I have them all saved. They make great little gifts or a nice add on. I’m sure they will be appreciated.

  4. I really like the way the yarn pooled, and what a great pattern! The stitch markers are fantastic, too. Happy knitting!

  5. Your Valentine dishcloths are so pretty! I really like the variegation, too. Such a sweet gift and that stitch marker is adorable! Your mom and sis are such lucky ladies. 😉 Take care, Amy! 🙂

  6. Oh, I love Cinema Paradiso. I get kinda teary during it…

  7. You’re right…I am a lucky lady! My sister spoils me rotten! 🙂 The dishcloths are beautiful and she did such a lovely job on them.

  8. I love this cloth in the varigated. Looks fab.

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