The Chicago Scarf…my way

When I first bought the SnB book several years ago I really liked the Chicago scarf and thought it would be fun to do. This winter when getting a new winter coat I thought that scarf pattern would be perfect for tucking inside the coat. I originally envisioned a deep chocolate scarf (to match a great chocolate wool hat) but had a tough time finding yarn that was the color & feel that I wanted.

In mid-November I took a day trip over to the New Buffalo, MI area & discovered a fun knit shop there – Sit & Knit. While I didn’t find a chocolate yarn I find something just as fun – Misti Alpaca Sport in Chocolate Caramel Moulinette.

This was a very quick knit – my modifications to the Chicago scarf were to knit it all in one color and knit a 5×5 rib. I did most of the knitting over the Thanksgiving break (including the 3 hour delay at O’Hare on the way home to Georgia). With the new year I finally got around to blocking it – although it seems like it might need additional blocking. Of course we are having warmer weather in Chicago so far this month I’m not wearing the wool coat that it was meant to go with.

Chicago Scarf

And Now for an Non Knitting Endeavor…

There will be no knitting for me this weekend; however, artistic endeavors are on the agenda. This weekend will be my 3rd annual “Winter Retreat” with my Creative Memories scrapbook friends. An “escape” to the ‘burbs for 3 days of scrappin’ at a hotel. (Ideally, 3 full days but the craziness of work this week means that my planned vacation day for today isn’t happening to I won’t get started on the fun till late this afternoon.) Since we stay overnight at the hotel, after dinner we always put on our pajama pants & slippers before coming back town to our meeting room (with plenty of table space for each of us) & keep working till midnight. It is so nice to not have to pack up ALL our stuff at the end of each day because we just lock the room up till the next morn’. I look forward to these weekends as a chance to get a lot of pages completed.

This year my sister is flying in from Atlanta to join in the fun. What is my goal for the weekend? To start on my Italy/Greece 2005 trip album & get a lot of pages done.

I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the trip…Ah, Capri!

Off the coast of Capri - June 2005

Knitting Multi-Tasking

In an email from Reading Group Guides, the editor of the site included this in her personal note:

“Happy New Year! I hope you had a terrific holiday. I spent a chunk of Christmas week on the Outer Banks knitting and reading — often simultaneously. I like this way to multi-task! One quick note: I noticed that when I am reading “the exciting parts” I pick up stitches. I have learned to put down the knitting when I am at those points. At one point I had added TEN extra stitches to a twenty stitch wide scarf!”

In reading some knitting blogs recently I’ve noticed folks commenting about not getting much reading done these days because of knitting & starting to listen to audio books. The email & blog entries got me thinking about multi-tasking…

I don’t read while knitting but my knitting multi-tasking includes watching TV/DVDs, talking on the phone & even exercising on my recumbent bicycle.

What is the extent of your knitting multi-tasking?

Sunday Afternoon Stash Sundae

It has been an organizing sort of afternoon. One of the things to do was pull the remnants from my stash & get them in some semblance of order instead of strands all through the stash box. I started winding each remnant into a ball & resulting bunch reminded me of ice cream scoops. So, before putting them away in the basket I just had to get a picture of the Sunday Afternoon Stash Sundae!

Stash Sundae

Meet the Mission Scarf

My first FO of 2006! 🙂 I’ve named this scarf Mission.

Mission Scarf

Why? The obvious is that this was knit with Mission Falls 1824 wool. The primary color (cocoa) was originally purchased in the fall to be my new scarf for the winter but it wasn’t dark enough for what I was wanting to make. The color stripes were hiding in my stash from a scarf that I knit in 2003.

This was a very fast & fun knit – one evening watching the Rose Bowl game and midway through the March of the Penguins DVD on Friday evening and it’s done.

This was my first lengthwise-knit scarf & I love how it turned out. The secondary colors were knit together with the main color so the “color rows” are a bit thicker & show as a bit marbled.

The second reason that I am calling this Mission is that it’s colors remind me of La Purisima Mission near Lompoc, CA. Among the memories are school field trips and family visits to the mission when we lived in Lompoc when I was in elementary school. In fourth grade everyone had to do a “mission project” & be creative – my project was a counted-cross stitch of the mission. It was my first (of not many) cross stitch project. Today more than 20 years after that class project the finished canvas is framed & hanging on my living room art wall here in Chicago.

(The scarf is pictured with a miniature of the mission.)