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Hello, April

As a new month starts, it’s time to say Hello, April

Hello to the rebirth of nature…birds chirping, flowers blooming, grass greening, leaves popping out…reminders that we have survived the winter…

Hello to Tieks season! Some recent travels to Florida have pulled these shoes back into limited rotation. A new color has been ordered to add to the mix this season. 

Hello to Easter Sunday! I’m looking forward to the weekend at home in the Ville with the family to celebrate. 

Hello to more business trips…it’s looking like 3 weeks will include some travel…

Hello to spring flavors! Asparagus, strawberries, and more…

Hello to summer vacation planning! The calendar is blocked – more details to come…

What are you saying “hello” to as April unfurls? 

Belatedly linking up with Carole & Kat for Think, Write Thursday

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  1. I already have plans for every one of this year’s vacation days!! That doesn’t usually happen. Luckily, it’s nicely spread throughout the year and there’s plenty to look forward to.

    Asparagus… THE flavor of spring! 😉

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