We’re “in the home stretch” leading up to Christmas day and many of us are in full hustle & bustle to get everything done before Christmas morning. On this Tuesday before Christmas, 10 things I’m looking forward to after the holiday rush.

New Christmas art captures a favorite word!

  1. Boxing Day = Reading Day – The family is planning to enjoy a low-key day on the 26th – lots of reading is on tap, probably some napping, easy menu plans have already been put in place (& ingredients purchased).
  2. Connecting with High School Friends – Sunday evening will be another fun evening of reconnecting with high school friends – we had such a fun time last year, we all were on board to do it again this year (& invite a few more to join us).
  3. Knitting a Christmas Gift (again) – While blocking Christmas gifts last week, I discovered that 1 of my gifts was a snack for something & there were un-recoverable holes. Replacement yarn was immediately ordered & shipped to Georgia – the skein dissolved into massive tangles when Mom went to wind it. So, there is no way the replacement will be completed and under the tree.
  4. Catching up on the Scoreboard Cowl – I’m lots of games behind…once number 3 is complete, this will become the priority knitting.
  5. Confirming my One Word for 2016 – after cultivating 2015, I’m working towards the word for 2016…more to come…
  6. Starting a Bullet Journal – For the new year, I’m going to give this method a try for my planner approach because recent years haven’t had something that has really stuck with me.
  7. Restarting the Kon Mari journey – It’s time to buckle down & continue to work through the house and only keep the joy sparking items.
  8. Making February travel plans – some fun items are on the calendar for the first and last weekends…now to make flight arrangements…
  9. Plant an amaryllis – planting a new bulb as the new year begins and watching it grow is such a visible way to see progress through the long (& dreary) winter slog…
  10. Menu Planning – I’m looking to do a modified Whole30 in January and while I’ve done some menu planning in the past, I want to focus on this more as this year starts – not just for these 30 days but to carry through the year.

While this may look like a lot…it’s actually a nice combination of items with a deadline/schedule and items that will just go with the flow.

What are you looking forward to once the holiday rush subsides?