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Who Loves Ya?

For Valentine’s Day this year, Artisan Mom tucked in a little owl stitching kit with my card. On Saturday, she laid down the “rules” that she needed to see a picture of the stitched & stuffed owl within one week of Valentine’s Day.

Who Loves YaTuesday evening, after a long day of “babysitting a computer” this was the perfect way to unwind – in just a few minutes I had stitched & stuffed this cutie

I must admit, it was fun to spend the couple of minutes on this. I see more of these sorts of kits in my future – for a quick break for me to then be popped in the mail to brighten someone’s day.

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  1. That is very cute! A great beginning embroidery project. I tend to overestimate my abilities and try to do projects that are pretty advanced right off the bat (and I end up cursing under my breath a LOT until I figure it out!) This seems like a better way to get started.

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