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Happy Hibiscus

As the ABC-Along continues to progress, I continue to be a bit behind. (Actually, more than a bit behind.) However, looking on my back deck this evening when I came home from work I immediately knew what to post for a long overdue H entry.

Deck Hibiscus 2008

H is for Hibiscus

I have always loved the hibiscus flower. This picture is from my Grandma’s house in California (30 years ago this spring) – among the blooms in her beautiful garden were hibiscus – in fact, this photo shoot might have been what started my love of this tropical flower. This picture frame is on my mantel today.

Hibiscus Sisters

In 1997, a work trip to St. Croix USVI included many opportunities to see these beautiful flowers. In 1999, a fun family vacation to Bermuda was filled with many of these blooms.

An Artisan Dad Hibiscus

Artisan Dad & I enjoy picking hibiscus for our potted gardens each year. As I was pulling together my garden for this summer (that will be another post…) I didn’t feel like my garden was complete until I had picked up a hibiscus – the 2 blooms at the start of this post are the first blooms on my deck.

When I redecorated my bathroom here several years ago, the hibiscus was a guiding theme – a shower curtain of tropical postcards & hibiscus; hibiscus art from our Bermuda trip and a few other blooms to complete the theme. Even in the middle of dreary winters I can escape to the tropics.

The hibiscus truly is a happy flower for me. When I see a bloom it brings a smile to my face – and happy memories come to mind. Hibiscus blooms can seem to be so fleeting; however, memories of hibiscus moments past can last forever.

While the blog has been a bit radio silent this month, I have been non-stop busy…hosting Miss Butterfly & Miss Doodlebug; the start of farmer’s market season & having fun in the kitchen with my bag of produce each weekend; some knitting time – finishing projects, starting new, hosting a knitting circle; getting back into gardening after a few years away from my hands in the dirt; and more…more posts to come…


  1. Beautiful flowers!

  2. Well those photos were definitely worth the wait. Some of the hibiscus look fake – they’re so perfect!

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms! It sounds like you have been able to travel to so many lovely places, and have brought them back to enjoy in your home. That’s the best kind of decorating!

  4. Summer is the time to reaquaint yourself from Life Away from the Computer!

    Ah. So that’s what hibiscus are! Pretty.

  5. Gorgeous blooms! Hibicus are so pretty – very tropical. Wish their blooms lasted longer.

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