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Sounds of Summer…(& Socks, Too)

Hibiscus Bloom

…the buzz of the air conditioner
…the gentle whir of the ceiling fans
…the repeating song of the neighborhood ice cream truck
…this year, cicadas
…ice cubes clinking in a glass of iced tea
…the sprinklers watering the lawns
…the neighborhood kids playing outside till well after dark
…lawnmowers starting
…fireworks being shot off by neighbors
…summer rainstorms – some (or a lot this year) with thunder & lightning

…songs under the stars…

With all of my work travel last summer it seemed like I didn’t hear a lot of the sounds of summer. Being back home in Chicago this summer has meant the opportunity to hear many sounds. In addition to the “routine” sounds of summer, a few summer evenings have been spent at favorite outdoor concert venues.

In June, my all time favorite band, Pink Martini, finally played at Ravinia Festival. (when I first heard them 5 years ago I immediately thought they would be a great act for this fun summertime venue) It was a perfect Chicago summer evening for this concert. Seven of us brought our folding lawn chairs, blankets and all the fixings for a simple picnic spread – while waiting for Pink Martini to take the stage, I did some sock knitting. By the time the first band took the stage the lawn was pretty filled; however, many people left after Arturo Sandoval – all the more room to spread out and enjoy the show.

In July, The Decembrist’s were in town playing with the Grant Park Orchestra at Millennium Park. Rain threatened as we gathered on the lawn to picnic – the first 30 minutes or so ended up being rainy but that didn’t stop the fun. The lawn was packed with concert goers. As the final song was being performed another storm came in so the music was accented with thunder & lightning that only added to the effect. As we headed for the parking garage after the show the sky opened up.

This week allowed for one last summer outing to Millennium Park – The Joffrey Ballet performed to the tunes of The Beach Boys, Motown and Prince. After a teasing rain shower as we headed to the park the evening turned out to be perfect weather for show. I love to watch the lights of the city come alive through the canopy of the Pritzker lawn.

The Joffrey @ Millennium Park
(more pictures here)

As I’ve listened to the sounds of summer I have been knitting away on my “summer socks” that I started back in May. While enjoying the ballet this week I finished up the second sock (actually, all but the Kitchener on the toe but by then it was too dark to do it). These are the 3rd pair of socks that I have made – again using the 2 circular needles method. This time I used size 1 needles and did a 4×2 rib pattern & continued it around the entire foot. I picked up this yarn (ONline Supersocke 100 Summer Color) on my first visit to My Sisters Knits, right after I started blogging, I loved the colors on the skein and as the stripes appeared during the knitting process I loved the colors even more. The colors of these socks remind me of the colors of my pot of portulaca on the back deck.

Summer 2007 Socks

Before long the seasonal soundtrack will change and the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot will become a loud chorus. This fall as I crunch through the leaves I will be wearing handknit socks for the first time – I can’t wait.

Of course, I have another sock on the needles – actually I started it about a month ago. This time, I’m using an “actual” pattern – Ampersand and am loving how the tvyarn is knitting into the sock so far.

MTM Socks

What sounds are “the sounds of Summer 2007” for you?


  1. The screen door slamming (we don’t have A/C), the sound of laundry on the clothesline whipping in the wind, the sound of 2 million tomatoes ripening in the garden faster than I can pick them.

    One sound that I’ve grown accustomed to now is the constant chattering and singing of the birds all around our yard. I think of that as background noise now, but I remember early this spring when I heard it for the first time and realized just how long winter is in Vermont. I’m going to miss that sound soon, so I’m trying to tune into it as much as possible, while it lasts!

  2. Its hard to believe that summer is almost over. The kids are back in school, and very soon the leaves on the trees are going to start turning. My favorite sounds of the summer is the sounds of the kids riding their bikes in the driveway, the sound (and smell) of the lake at my parents house, crickets outside at night, and the sound of the wind rustling though the leaves… this summer went by too quickly! At least with the cooler weather its handknit time! Lovely finished socks, I love the colorway : )

  3. As I was so enjoyably reminded yesterday while cooking for Sunday supper … the sound of burgers sizzling on the backyard grill. That’s another sound that is enhanced by one of the smells of summer also.

  4. Cicadas – definitely cicadas. Even when they aren’t the 17-year ones, they are always whirring in the trees over my house.

    Great socks too! the colors are so cute šŸ™‚

  5. They call cicadas Mr. Big Noise around here. We’re in for a bit more summer so we’ll get to hear his noisiness for a while. Love your pretty socks.

  6. I’m listening to the cicadas as I type this. The hibiscus must have been seen in Macon. Am I right.
    Love you list. It made me reflect on whats so right about summer.

  7. I still have the fan going as I’m typing this, but the a/c is turned off. I wore shorts all day but had to change into slacks when I stepped out tonight as there was a bit of a chill in the air.

    However, we’re having central air put in this coming week (finally) and because I know that the heat and humidity isn’t over yet, it will definitely come in handy.

    But on the other hand, I have my Halloween and autumn decorations out and am beginning to change the look of the house.



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