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Ice, Ice…


(Sorry, couldn’t help myself – as soon as I thought of “ice, ice” for this title ‘that song’ from my high school days became an earworm…)

As this week progressed with work I really didn’t know what I would blog about next. I was on the road again and it was a milestone week that meant late nights at the office – I think on average I wasn’t back to the hotel before 8:00 each evening. And by that point in the day/evening I was too tired to even do dishcloth knitting. I got home Friday evening and my hands were ready to knit. I looked through my current projects & picked up “gasp” the sock that has been in progress since last fall – a continued attempt at “Socks Soar…” that started with a class last May and continued with the purchase of Cat’s book and Koigu at Stitches Midwest.

Over Thanksgiving I had knit the leg and was now ready to start the fun parts. On Friday evening I knit the heel flap and then read the instructions for turning the heel and picking up the gusset stitches – the instructions just weren’t clicking with me so I planned to stop into Arcadia Knitting on Saturday for a bit of help.

On Saturday I had a full list of errands planned. The plans quickly got changed when my mechanic told me that in addition to the scheduled oil change I needed another 3-4 hours worth of work done – with all of the long distance driving that I am doing these days it was a “no brainer” to have the additional work done. I had a bag filled with a couple of books, a Sodoku book and some knitting – a few dishcloths and the “on hold sock.” After a while I picked up the sock & book and decided to give the instructions a try – the first attempt at turning the heel didn’t work so I ripped it back out and tried again – this time it worked & so I kept going. By the time my car was ready I had turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches, finished the gusset and was about 1/3 of the way done with the foot. As I started each new section of the sock I think I was smiling just a bit more. Knitting for several hours in the waiting area of the mechanic’s shop generated several interesting conversations – the woman who learned to knit (scarves only) a couple years ago when trying to quit smoking, the retired gentleman who remembers going to a football game with his mother who knit through the entire game (including a 98 yard kick-off return) and the store manager who remembered his mother finding the time to make sweaters for all 5 kids while he was growing up.

The knitting continued while waiting for a car wash. After all the errands were done I came home and kept going on the sock. The winter storm started here in Chicago (ice #1) and the sound of the ice hitting the window and the color of the sock yarn (ice #2) inspired the title for this entry.

By last night I had almost completed the foot. By the time I finished up The Illusionist today I was ready to graft the toe. Screech! That’s were the instructions in the book were a bit lacking – to the effect of “if you need help with grafting check out one of the reference books in the appendix.” A quick visit to provided me with the tutorial that I needed – in no time I had kitchenered the toe & wove in the ends.

Sock Details

Yay – a sock! I quickly ran outside to take pictures of the sock in the ice/snow (and rain).

Icy Socks

I’ll be casting on for the 2nd sock this evening & can’t wait to wear the full pair.

Soaring Sock Progress

The details:
Pattern: Simple Sock in Three Sizes from “Socks Soar…” – I knit the ladies size. Koigu #P905 on Addi Turbos size 2, 24″ long

When I picked up this yarn last summer the colors reminded of tropical waters – in the winter the colors now seem icy, and the blue/white is perfect for Project Spectrum.

Four years ago this month I took my first sock class (on double point needles) where I finished a sock and just barely started (but never finished) the 2nd sock from that project. Last spring I had hoped that socks would be my travel project for all of the time in Chattanooga. As I’ve mentioned, that didn’t happen. With my renewed interest in knitting in the past year I was frustrated that socks just didn’t seem to be in my project list – even though I had lots of pretty sock yarn and wanted to knit socks with it. Since being back from Chattanooga I have been trying new things with my knitting – different stiches with my so called scarf, the afterthought thumb with my Fetching pairs, and short rows with my Calorimetry. The time had come to conquer socks. With as crazy as the work week was for me I’m still in awe of the fact that I was able to wrap my head around the sock this weekend and get this finished!

OK, enough reflecting on knitting – time to wind the remaining skein and cast on for #2! Well, maybe one more bit of knit wit…

Knit Wit!


  1. Yay for you! Socks are fun, once you get going.

  2. Haha! Love the motivational poster. Lookin’ good, Amy!

  3. Great little poster! Stay warm in all the ice–somehow we missed it even though everyplace around us is frozen over.

  4. I love the color of your socks. I started sock knitting recently but am using DPNs. How do you like using circulars? Well I hope you dont have to drive tonight because the snow and ice have started up again.

  5. Ice! Yikes. Pretty sock! Perfect icy colors for the climate.

    Stay warm! And home for a couple of days. If you can.

  6. YEA!! the socks are so great! and I *love* the poster you made about them too 😉

    We got quite a bit of snow here today – I think it is the same storm system…

  7. Congratulations!! You did a terrific job on your sock, and I know you’ll have the other one completed soon. I am quite sure you’ll be come just as addicted to sock knitting as the rest of us are. LOL

  8. Good for you for hanging in there and finishing your sock! You did a beautiful job and I love the color blue. (I’m not going to get that song stuck in my head). 🙂

  9. Congratulations! It’s quite a feeling of accomplishment, isn’t it? I remember turning my first heel; I thought for sure the instructions were misprinted and I tried to “correct” them twice before giving up, following them to the letter, and finding myself with a heel (and i don’t mean my husband).


  10. Go Amy! Before long you’ll have the mate to that beautiful blue sock!

  11. Great sock Amy and I just love the colors! Sock knitting is a great diversion in a garage, too bad that it can’t help with the bill!

  12. Congrats! Great sock. I LOVE the colors.

  13. Great lookin’ sock! Congrats on finishing it.

  14. Beautiful! That will be one gorgeous pair of socks when they’re finished.

  15. Isn’t it wonderful when you have a finished sock on your feet!? What until you finish the second one.

  16. Congratulations and welcome to the fold. Your story reminded me of my morning sitting in the waiting area and waiting for a tire change, I was knitting a sock and was asked by a Fish and Wildlife ranger what I was knitting. When I told her, she launched into her secret desire to learn how to knit. Socks are such great “ice breakers”.

  17. They really fit the weather, they look like ice! Great looking. And thanks by the way now I’m singing that song in my head. I’ll be “jumpin” all the way to my lYS for my noon knitting.

  18. Awesome socks, Amy! I am very impressed.

  19. What a pretty sock! I love the stories you heard from peole at the mechanics. That’s just one of the fun things about knitting in public!

  20. I love the yarn. I’m focused on spring now, so it kind of reminds me of a day when the sky is really, really blue with just a few white fluffy clouds.

  21. ooooh! Love the post title, love the yarn color! I love stolen knitting time at places like the mechanics, I carry a large purse just so I can always have one with me!

  22. Love the reflections on knitting. Love the sock. Now get sock #2 finished!

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