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I guess I’m officially a part of the knitting blog community – Cathy has tagged me with the “list 5 quirky habits” meme. Hmmm…let me think about that for a minute – I’m sure my sister could easily come up with more than 5 quirky things about me. 😉

1. Since I get up so early during the work week (before 6:00), I consider 7:30 AM on Saturday & Sunday to be sleeping in.

2. Whenever I’m served mashed potatoes and green peas for dinner I always end up mixing them together. I’m not sure it’s possible for me to eat them as separate items on a plate. 😉 I get this habit from my Mom.

3. On the rare occasions when I buy Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (good stuff!) I have been known to put a box or 2 in the freezer & forget about them for more than 6 months (talk about a yummy surprise!).

4. I have an uncanny ability to write/say “punny” lines without even thinking. I get it from my Dad – my Mom & sister just roll their eyes when we get going. (Example: When talking about a recent cold/stuffed up nose I wrote “I just blew through the box of Kleenex” before I even realized what I was saying.)

5. My favorite “odd” peanut butter sandwich is crunchy peanut butter & sweet pickles.

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  1. Hehe – thanks for the tag! We’ll see if I can think of some. They aren’t quirky to me, of course – only to others 😉

  2. Good Lord! My aunt (dad’s sister) used to eat peanut butter and pickle relish sandwiches – and he eats peanut butter and radish sandwiches! You’d fit right in! I, on the other hand, like peanut butter and jelly – boooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnng 😉

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