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Day: January 18, 2006


I guess I’m officially a part of the knitting blog community – Cathy has tagged me with the “list 5 quirky habits” meme. Hmmm…let me think about that for a minute – I’m sure my sister could easily come up with more than 5 quirky things about me. 😉

1. Since I get up so early during the work week (before 6:00), I consider 7:30 AM on Saturday & Sunday to be sleeping in.

2. Whenever I’m served mashed potatoes and green peas for dinner I always end up mixing them together. I’m not sure it’s possible for me to eat them as separate items on a plate. 😉 I get this habit from my Mom.

3. On the rare occasions when I buy Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (good stuff!) I have been known to put a box or 2 in the freezer & forget about them for more than 6 months (talk about a yummy surprise!).

4. I have an uncanny ability to write/say “punny” lines without even thinking. I get it from my Dad – my Mom & sister just roll their eyes when we get going. (Example: When talking about a recent cold/stuffed up nose I wrote “I just blew through the box of Kleenex” before I even realized what I was saying.)

5. My favorite “odd” peanut butter sandwich is crunchy peanut butter & sweet pickles.

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Found Time…What to do?

One of the “fun” things about consulting is that you never know what your daily commute will be like because you don’t know where your client is located. Since the summer of 2002 I have consistently been in the west suburbs of Chicago with a minimum of a 45 minute commute in the mornings and an hour in the evenings. For at least the next couple of months that commute has been “broken” – I am now working downtown & taking the train to Union Station is the best commuting alternative for me.

As I was packing up my backpack last night it dawned on me that I now have about an hour each day of “found time” on the train to do something. Today it was just reading the latest Newsweek that arrived. My dilemma is reading or knitting? For at least this week the answer is reading as I’m in between knit projects right now and am not sure what the next one will be (I am trying to pick out a project for the Knitting Olympics).

On the train this morning I saw another knitter – she had a great green felted back filled with yarn & was wearing a shades of gray feather & fans scarf & hat.

However I choose to spend this found time – the odds are likely that you will hear about it here at Amy Artisan in the coming weeks – whether as “Artisan Knits” or “Amy’s Bookshelf” entries or some combination of both.

p.s The winter scrapbook retreat over the weekend was a great time! I made quite a bit of progress on the Italy & Greece album and had a wonderful time “reliving” the trip while working on the pages. The weekend has reignited the scrapbooking bug so I’m sure that will be competing with knitting in the coming weeks.

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