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Knitting Multi-Tasking

In an email from Reading Group Guides, the editor of the site included this in her personal note:

“Happy New Year! I hope you had a terrific holiday. I spent a chunk of Christmas week on the Outer Banks knitting and reading — often simultaneously. I like this way to multi-task! One quick note: I noticed that when I am reading “the exciting parts” I pick up stitches. I have learned to put down the knitting when I am at those points. At one point I had added TEN extra stitches to a twenty stitch wide scarf!”

In reading some knitting blogs recently I’ve noticed folks commenting about not getting much reading done these days because of knitting & starting to listen to audio books. The email & blog entries got me thinking about multi-tasking…

I don’t read while knitting but my knitting multi-tasking includes watching TV/DVDs, talking on the phone & even exercising on my recumbent bicycle.

What is the extent of your knitting multi-tasking?


  1. Hi Amy – thanks for visiting my blog! I always like “meeting” people from Chicago! As far as knitting while reading, I can’t do it. I mainly get my TV watching in while knitting.

  2. While Knitting I…
    Help with homework, watch tv, listen to audiobooks and talk to the husband. 🙂

  3. With the crazy work load I had last semester in grad school, I finally got the hang of reading and knitting at the same time – it had to be simple knitting though – stockinette, etc. (or a really simple text to read!)

    I also knit and watch TV/DVDs all of the time. Audiobooks are good too!

    Take care~

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