As summer gets started, it’s time to make a “bucket list” of goals (big & small) for this coming season. In no particular order…

…Road trip! Airbnb reservations are made for our entire sister road trip at the end of the month. Now to finish picking out some activities to fill the days. 

…Eat fresh & local! It’s about that time for weekly visits to favorite local farmstands. 

…Patio Reading! Unwind with a book & a beverage on the patio to end the day. 

…Complete a Whole30! With all the travel this year, it’s time to do a reset. 

…Konmari! There is lots in the house that is no longer sparking joy, so it must go. The first Greendrop pickup is already scheduled! 

…Create Action Plans! It’s time to get serious about a few goals I have for the year. 

…simply savor a season of reduced work travel! 

What are you hoping to fill your bucket with this summer? 

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