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Hello, March

As a new month starts, it’s time to say HELLO, MARCH

Hello to starting the month with dinner at a fave beach spot to end a business trip…

Hello to a whirlwind trip to Orlando with the family…and at least 2 weeks on the road for work…

Hello to the season of Lent and new daily readings to create a daily Lenten routine leading towards Easter…

Hello to the dollar daffodil bunches at the grocery store and other early signs of spring…

Hello to wondering if the weather will be lion-like or lamb-like…

Hello to the “spring ahead” time change and the more daylight when leaving the office…

What are you saying HELLO to this March?

Belatedly linking up with Carole and Kat for Think, Write, Thursday.

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  1. Hello indeed to all of the goodness you shared in this post*…haven’t seen any dollar daffodils in the stores, tho!

    *I’m not much a fan of DST…eventually, my body adjusts…;-))

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