For today, a writing prompt: Talk about your favorite breakfast.


When this prompt arrived in my inbox, I immediately started thinking of all the possible options to write about: vacation breakfasts, Chicago brunch memories, sunrise coffee & Egg McMuffin along the bay in Marinetts, a consulting job interview over cinnamon rolls at Ann Sathers on a Saturday morning, watching Transformers and eating oatmeal at Grandma’s on Saturday morning, Christmas Eve ebilskivers, and so many more…


Instead, recollections of a favorite Artisan Family tradition: Christmas morning breakfast.

Christmas coffee in a new mug from our excellent family camp adventure

Christmas coffee in a new mug from our excellent family camp adventure

We ease into Christmas – Mom is normally the first one up & gets the coffee going and finishes prepping the orange rolls to go in the oven. Once we are all up and have a mug of coffee in hand, we open our stocking – all sorts of goodies in & around our needlepoint stockings that Artisan Dad has stitched over the years.

After the stockings, we gather around the table for a simple (and quick) breakfast of scrambled eggs and Mom’s amazing orange rolls. And of course, more coffee. When done, we quickly clear the table and refill our coffee mugs before heading back to to the living room.

Then, we open presents. Instead of a free for all, we have always passed out presents and taken turns opening gifts. At some point, we pause again for more coffee. In recent years, the role of “hand out gifts” has moved from Dad to me. There are normally stacks of books under the tree for us – we have learned that we put them at the very bottom of the gift pile so they are opened last – otherwise, we would be lost to books before the gifts are all unwrapped.

Time passes quickly & slowly on Christmas morning – before we know it, it is late morning – the reusable fabric gift bags are folded in a stack to be used again next year; there is maybe one small bag of gift wrap trash; new clothes are tried on; new books are cracked open – Christmas day continues.


What is the best breakfast that you ever had? What made it the best? 

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