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Raindrops on Roses

An easy prompt from Carole for this Tuesday: 10 favorite things…right now. And since it’s a rainy Tuesday, the title for this post was inevitable.


  1. Clementines brighten meals & snacks! Especially on a gray & rainy days like today. And this “Cutie” was even cuter when it split at the kiss.
  2. Increasing daylight each day – it’s lighter in the morning each day as I am getting ready for work. It’s lighter in the evening when I’m leaving the office.
  3. Simple knitting – whether my “go to” dishcloths or a favorite Shawlette pattern that is basically half a dishcloth with some simple eyelet lace rows at the end – a lot of knitting is moving across my needles this month.
  4. Digging out a belt to wear so that current dress pants can continue to be worn without falling into low rider status – the meal planning is working!
  5. Cute silicone candy molds for some kitchen fun – healthy mint chocolates to include in warm beverages & ginger juice ice cubes for cold drinks.
  6. Bai Clementine & Bai Bubbles Peru Pineapple – I just picked up these drinks for the first time over the weekend – a bit of summer in a bottle.
  7. A charming new birch bark mug from Jennie the Potter is a great vessel for warm beverages these days.
  8. Discovering “Dreamland” on Netlix this weekend – an Australian sitcom that nails the “business speak” that permeates the workdays. In the tradition of Office Space, The Office, Parks & Recreation and more – it causes LOL viewing.
  9. Mrs. Meyers Sunflower dish soap and hand soap at the kitchen sink with bright new dishcloths – simple things that make kitchen chores “better.”
  10. Planning spring break adventures with my Texas cuties for my visit in March – it has been way too long!

What are some of your favorite things…right now?


  1. The extra daylight in the evenings is really making my mood lighter!
    And it is so nice to have those simple knitting projects – when you want to knit, but just can’t handle complicated!!

    Linda in VA

  2. I certainly agree that clementines brighten up the world, and your photo looks beautiful on this dull, gray, rainy day. I’m sad that the season will be ending soon; it seems that the ones available here get smaller and greener every week. And simple knitting is wonderful!

  3. Simple knitting–that’s a great thing.

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